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Jan 17, 2014 01:05 AM

Must Haves at Oleana and Bergamot for Tonight/Soon?

Hoping to eat at Oleana and Bergamot tonight and/or soon.
Any favs on the current menus? Thx so much.

I must say, i really like the components used by both chefs, but the one time we went to Bergamot i was actually shocked about the child size portions (for our appetites ,that is) which left us both hungry. The current menu actually has a chicken THIGH, a giannone chicken thigh with a beef sausage, for $26. That got my eyebrows shooting right up there....I mean, REAlly, you can't give someone two thighs for that $26 or close? Aside from my own reaction, i just think it looks stingy.
Here are the links: Thx again for your help.

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  1. The whipped feta and the falafel were stand outs for me at Oleana.

    1. I really enjoyed the scallops and the deviled eggs.

      Enjoy! Such a great place!

      1. the lemon chicken and the quail were two standouts for me at Oleana.

        1. You can skip the sole at Oleana.

          DEFINITELY get the falafel. My DCs loved the sultan's delight (I don't eat beef so can't comment!).

          1. Oleana had a striped bass special a few weeks ago that I'd order again.