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Jan 16, 2014 09:34 PM

Miss Jean Talon in Montréal

Revisited Miss JT after a decade. We had a small all dressed pizza that tasted as good as it was back then. Long live old style pizza.

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  1. They sell lots of pizza

    1. Looks good. I never went there. I'm a fan of pendelis on van horne.
      Is the sauce spicy ?

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      1. re: maj54us

        I'd say it's tangy. Anyway, it's worth a try for sure. It's one of the best Montreal pizzas I've had.

      2. A great pizza no doubt. We used to order ours with smoked meat. Have not been there for ages but your picture is calling.

        1. is pizza dished out with 2 spoons anywhere other than in quebec?