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Jan 16, 2014 08:51 PM

liliha bakery improves baked goods

stopped at liliha bakery today to pick up a waffle to go, and was impressed at the quality (at least visually) of the pastries and cookies and cakes.

i remember absolutely vile blueberry cheesecake squares, and a garish looking hot dog inside a pastry decorated with swirls of ketchup and mustard. i made the mistake of eating one and got sick.

these were nowhere to be seen, replaced by ham and cheese croissants, malasadas of all types, a variety of doughnuts (i'm still iffy on the regular glazed donut from here, the last one i had, a long time ago, lacked the yeasty flavor i love), and a whole family of chantilly topped puffs and cupcakes.

unfortunately, i will nto be sampling these anytime soon, but just fyi.

the waffle is still the baddest of the bunch, it's the best in town.

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  1. Liliha is all about the Cheeseburger...