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Jan 16, 2014 07:26 PM

Ladurée Soho

Can someone tell me if the Ladurée in Soho is open yet? My teenage granddaughter wants to go to Ladurée on Monday, and I was hoping we could go to the one downtown and actually sit down and have some sort of meal, rather than going to the one on the Upper East Side and just wait on line. I imagine that it will be real crowded as Monday is Martin Luther King's birthday, a legal holiday.

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  1. It wasn't as of Saturday.

    1. I just saw an ad from them, hiring all positions. So they don't seem even close to ready to open,

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      1. re: Skippy1414

        Thanks, I guess we'll try the one on Madison if we go.

        1. re: grandpamarian

          Maison de chocolat has excellent macarons as well, and several locations including rockafeller center:

      2. "Now accepting reservations for breakfast, lunch & dinner. To book, please call (646) 392-7868"

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          Thank you! We never made it in together last month, so will plan to try soon.