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Jan 16, 2014 06:56 PM

Other uses for Keurig machine ?

My workplace has a new Breville pod machine. I cannot drink the coffee, tea or chocolate provided due to the caffeine and chemicals.

Does this machine function somehow where I can insert my own mix? That is, make my own pods? I want to make my own hot chocolate. If this is possible what other hot drink can I make to utilize this machine without having to use the store bought pods? I don't have a manual and I notice there is a compartment to put your own coffee. Is there a special cup/pod I have to use?

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  1. There are two types of Keurig add-your-own-coffee-grounds, tea leaves, cocoa, other drink powders, etc type-refillable/reusable adapters:

    One type that acts like a regular Keurig pod - Nothing on the coffee machine needs to be modified. You just drop the adapter in the machine like a regular k-cup.

    EKOBREW is one of those add your own grounds, tea leaves or drink powders type refillable pods. SOLOFILL is another similar brand. There are others. You just fill it, close the lid and drop it in like a regular coffee K-cup. Don't pack the grounds. After you are done, rinse and let dry for re-use.

    EKOBREW adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

    SOLOFILL adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

    SOLOFILL adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

    The second type of adapter is the Regular Keurig Adapter (KEURIG MY CUP) that needs to have some of the Keurig brewer parts removed in order to insert this adapter. You have to snap out the regular K-Cup holder ring from the machine and insert this adapter.

    KEURIG MY CUP adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

    A word of caution for any of these adapters. Just sprinkle the grounds or drink powder into the adapter, don't pack the grounds or drink powder, or the hot water will not flow through the grounds or drink powder properly.

    These adapters do work well. I own both types.

    1. Can you drink decaf? I use Twining's English Breakfast decaf K-cups in mine every day. It's delish.

      There are plenty of decaf coffee and tea options out there, if you can drink them.

      1. You can skip the pods and just run hot water through it. It's a waste of money to buy hot chocolate pods when all the machine does is add hot water to the powder. Same for tea. Coffee is the only practical use for pods.

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          Er - that's why some of us buy the refillable k-cups

          1. re: kagemusha49

            Er - that's an unnecessary expense and step if you're trying to make tea or cocoa.

        2. < I want to make my own hot chocolate>

          I agree with ferret. If you are interested in making your own hot chocolate, then you are better off but just using the machine in the hot water mode. Put your hot cocoa powder or hot chocolate mix in your cup, and run hot water into it.

          I cannot imagine you want to use the K-cup pod anyway because you are not trying to filter anything.

          1. I wish I'd invented these durn things.
            ~Somewhere~ there is a private island with MY name on it.

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              right next to mine in the sea of I cuda, I shoulda