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Jan 16, 2014 05:38 PM

Release Notes January 16, 2014 - Discussions on Recipes and Stories

Hi everyone,

As of today's release, there are some great new features on the site:

1) We have added "Chowhound discussion" functionality to all Recipe and Story (Blog) pages on the site. This is a big step in a larger plan to unify the community and user experience across the site. As a result of this unified system of commenting, if you participate in a discussion on a recipe or story, that discussion will appear on your profile. You can follow and unfollow the discussion on any recipe or story, just as you can on the rest of Chowhound. If you're subscribed to notifications, you'll be notified about new posts, just like you would with any other discussion.

2) We created two new boards to hold Recipes and Stories (the board for stories is called Features). For the time being, these are both reply-only. You can also still view the most recent recipes and stories on their respective sections on the site, as before.

3) The discussions from Recipes and Stories will also show up on the Chowhound Homepage

4) All recipes will be included in the Recipe board—this includes both user recipes and CHOW recipes. If you created a recipe in the past, it will now be included in your profile. (Note: the user recipe tool is not currently available.)

5) When participating in a Recipe discussion, you'll have the ability to leave a star-rating on the top level (if you are reviewing a recipe) or simply post a comment or question without the rating. Lower-level replies do not have star ratings. This enhances the previous recipe-rating functionality on the site.

Those are the major changes in this release. If you notice any bugs, let us know and we'll do our best to address them. Be sure to include what browser and device you're using.

We'll also do our best to answer any questions you might have.

Dave MP

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  1. I haven't gone over to the Recipes side of things, because it had gotten very user-UNfriendly, IMO.

    Adding this functionality definitely helps. I like being able to follow (and subsequently, unfollow) any discussion on a recipe, even if you haven't contributed to the discussion.

    But I'm curious - how far back are User Recipes included? I just went to the Recipe Board, and searched on "LindaWhit" - and nothing came up.

    And when I did a search for "Orange Spiced Nuts" - which I submitted awhile back (some time in 2009, I believe), nothing came up.

    But when I went to The All-Knowing, All-Powerful Google Machine, and put in "orange spiced nuts Chowhound LindaWhit", it majickly appeared:

    So is search capability still null and void on the CHOW side of things in the recipe section? Searching on a person's name would be helpful.

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Hi LindaWhit,

      A few things that are causing these problems:

      1) Your recipe for nuts is actually titled "Orange-Spiced Nuts" and right now in our search, there's a bug with punctuation. If you don't have that hyphen in there, it won't find anything. We're working on fixing that hopefully quite soon. But if you search the site for "Orange-Spiced Nuts" with that hyphen, you'll find it.

      2) Searching for your username will work if you search the entire site. This will help find your profile. Here's my results:

      However, it won't find things written by you. It'll only find posts that have your name in the text of the post.

      If you want to search for certain threads that you have participated, you need to choose a search term (here, I chose the word 'a') and then put the username in as a filter. Here's my results when I put in your username, and also limit it to the Recipe discussions:

      Hopefully this helps, and again, hope to have the punctuation improvements in place soon.

      Dave MP

      1. re: Dave MP

        "However, it won't find things written by you. It'll only find posts that have your name in the text of the post."

        OK, I saw those results in your first link, which didn't help find recipes (I hadn't realized I was quoted in those earlier articles! LOL)

        And I wasn't sure how I had posted the spiced nuts recipe, and forgot to search for the version with the hyphen. Thanks.

        But I'm still unable to recreate your final search. When you click "Recipes" - the user name check box and additional filter isn't available, so I'm not sure how you did that. The User Name filter is only available in Discussions. And when I put "a" in the search box, and click Discussions and then the User Name filter and input LindaWhit, I get over 2000 discussions....which means every thread I've posted on. (I'm a chatty one, aren't I?)

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Yeah, the current system is somewhat confusing. Because recipe discussions are also on their own board, the "comments" on recipes are considered part of discussions, and you can filter down to the "Recipe Board" within Discussions. The actual recipe is searchable within "Recipes"

          We're going to be looking into the search implications of these changes more, so we'll hopefully be improving this in the future,

          Dave MP

          1. re: Dave MP

            Ahhh....totally missed the Recipe (within Discussions) checkbox was clicked. Thanks!

    2. Since this update I can't load any more than 25 topics on my Iphone. I used to be able to keep scrolling down, but not anymore.

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      1. re: sarahendipity

        Hi sarahendipity.

        Thanks for the report, I'm seeing this as well on mobile, on the Chowhound home page only. Scrolling on board pages still works normally.

        We'll take a look.