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Jan 16, 2014 05:13 PM

Ming Kee Restaurant formerly known as Happy Bakery, Ocean Ave. - Just Opened 4 days ago! Roast goose is back on our radar... [San Francisco]

Drove down Ocean Ave. today to see what might be happening at the former Happy Bakery. We almost drove on by because there still isn't any new signage & it almost looked like it wasn't open. A closer look revealed a couple of roast ducks hanging in the window & the door was open. With parking Karma on our side, we pulled into a spot almost in front of the door!

After dealing with a little ordering chaos, we were able to buy some Soy Sauce yellow chicken to go, can't remember the prices before, but a whole one is now $17, half $8.50. I'm a little confused by the menu as Soy Sauce chicken is listed at $3.95/lb...

Roast goose was not available today & they were just too busy to answer questions so time will tell. It's on the menu at $25 whole, $13 half.

The eat-in menu at this point is just rice plates w/roasties. A plate of roast pork & duck with rice went by that looked terrific & seems like a good buy at $9.50. This plate might serve 3 average eaters...

Wish they had the fried rice with crispy taro bits & roast duck that we enjoyed when they were on Irving St. during the reconstruction...

Ming Kee Restaurant
Hong Kong Style B-B-Q
1548 Ocean Ave. (near Capitol St.)
San Francisco CA 94112
Open 7 days a week - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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  1. This is excellent news!

    The soy sauce chicken has been available in two versions. One is made with the yellow crowned heritage breed, the other with conventional American chicken, and the prices are different.

    1. I got the same soy sauce chicken ($17 whole/$8.50 half) and it is as I remember it from the Irving location. They seem to have managed to keep the quality up in spite of just having opened in a new location.

      I was very glad we had a Chinese speaker along. The place was absolute chaos with lots of frantic energy and loud shouting, though the line was not long. I almost ended up with the wrong style chicken after trying to communicate my order myself, but thanks to my friend I ended up with what I wanted. And it is delicious!

      1. I can help you with that confusion about soy sauce chicken. There's two kinds of soy sauce chicken. One is the yellow chicken which is essentially the Princess yellow chicken but in soy sauce, so that's the same price as the Princess yellow chicken. The other one is more meaty and I believe raised differently? So that one, the price is based on weight.

        1. Ate there last weekend and I must say, except for the new digs, nothing has changed. If it weren't for the good food, they probably would go out of business. Lots of people waiting for take-out or a table, and hardly any organization - but I'll be back for sure.

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          1. re: caryjones

            caryjones: did they have the roast goose when you were there?

          2. Today I heard from a friend who speaks Cantonese that the roast goose will only be available on the weekends...

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            1. re: RWCFoodie

              ah, that makes sense--- goose was available this past weekend.

              I didn't notice an eat-in menu. There was only a big board listing all the roasted meats (half or whole orders). They must have had something I didn't see... there were lots of people eating rice plates with roasted meats and a ginger/green onion/garlic condiment.

              BTW, it's nice that Ming Kee is just a block from Champa Garden!

              1. re: hyperbowler

                When we were there the eat-in menu was under the glass on the table tops. IMO it is quite reasonably priced. I saw very full, luscious plates of roast pork & duck with rice go by and I think they were about $9.00 or so... We had lunched already so we didn't sit, just got our goodies to go.

                I did manage to get a tiny container of that ginger/green onion/garlic condiment but dear husband scarfed it up with his chicken before I could even get a taste!

                Plus I saw a recent Facebook post from KK of a gorgeous plate of regular cha siu, cha siu pork jowl & pork neck. Looked fabulous but I don't know how easy it would be to score these goodies without a Chinese speaker...

                1. re: hyperbowler

                  Actually, it's not that roast goose is only available on the weekends. It just depends on whether or not there's stock. It probably just so happened that there wasn't any stock/or sold out the day you went and they had it during weekend. Or while you were there, it wasn't ready yet.