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Mar 1, 2006 01:04 PM

Arepas (Venezuelan) in Las Vegas?

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Does anyone know of a restaurant in Las Vegas that serves Arepas, the corn-based Venezuelan delicacy?

Thanks in advance!


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    Dave Feldman

    I'm not aware of any Venezuelan restaurants in Las Vegas, nor arepas. Pupusas abound, but I've never found an arepa in L.V. Ciudad in L.A. serves them, but I don't think Border Grill does.

    1. Don't know yet of any places, but i do have an excellent recipe for you that i put together. Arepas with chocolate beans, plantains, and cotija. You can find it on my myspace page. Contact me if you'd like :) Mariana

      1. There's a new Venezuelan eatery opening up Downtown at the old Naked City Sandwich Shop space on Las Vegas Blvd (at Oakey). It's called I Love Arepas - looks like there's an outdoor cart as well similar to the street carts you see in Portland, Oregon.


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          Thanks Poly! Cravings for the street food of Caracas may finally have a local outlet. Now if only they can find a way of serving something anywhere near that wonderful fresh Venezuelan queso blanco that melts so well into a warm arepa. Sadly, the health code will likely be in the way of that (the inaudible sigh comes the morning after a great dinner at a little French bistro in Kelowna, B.C., and a long discussion with the owner about how frustrating the North American regs are on that front, all the while finishing with a cheese board from which one of the fantastic offerings was absolutely not "legal").

          1. re: QAW

            If they serve cachapas, I might even make the trip out for them from NY. I'm glad to see Venezulean food getting some traction in the US. I always like mine with Reina Pepeada.

        2. Quick update: I Love Arepas has been open for five or six days now. Their arepas exceed all expectations and it looks like they'll have hallaca soon. I wrote about it here:

          1. An update: We were at a reception near downtown last night, and wanted a quick/cheap bite to eat afterwards - so went to check out I Love Arepas. I definitely recommend it. Its really just a truck/food stand, but there are a few tables scattered outside (Its in the parking lot of a local bar, so parking/alcoholic beverages/restrooms are theoretically available in the bar...Dino's is the bar; I hear they have karaoke on weekends. Anyway, about the Arepas: very nice texture to the masa, and the fillings are delicious. The owner is very nice, and he made my husband a special vegan filling by request: delicious black beans, tomatoes, onions, avocado, etc. Of course, it wasn't as good as my pork arepa, but if you insist on vegan as DH does...:-) Definitely recommended. Its only a food stand, but they do take credit cards...which was a good thing as DH remembered he'd forgotten his wallet as soon as we arrived, and I had no cash. Two arepas each along with two agua panelas (a refreshing lime/sugar cane concoction) came to 21 dollars including tax/tip. And sitting outside was just fine at 10pm on a Sunday night. They are open 3 to midnight daily. And folks complain about the neighborhood but it felt perfectly safe to me....