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Feb 27, 2006 02:49 PM


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Staying at Sanctuary and would like to keep restaurants within 10 miles or so. I am going to try Elements at the hotel. Too convenient not to and I have heard good things. Thinking about Cowboy Ciao, Sassi, Lon's, and Roaring Fork but I have an open mind! Looking for upscale, comfortable, good chow places that may not be available in Los Angeles.


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  1. You've got yourself a pretty good list there.

    I like Cowboy Ciao and Roaring Fork(both have good websites).

    We went to Lon's last fall and had nice meal. You can't beat the feel of the place either.

    I haven't been to Sassi myself, but the in-laws where a bit "meh" about it.

    I've heard good things about Mosaic and North, but haven't been to either of them.


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      I have not been to North myself but I have talked to several people that have that weren't impressed. I think that it would be a shame to waste a meal there based on the reviews that I've heard when there are so many better options like Cowboy Ciao etc...

      1. re: Amy

        Yep! I was super UNimpressed with North. I went for lunch at the location in Tucson, and based on that miserable attempt, I won't be going back.

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          re: North

          good to know.


    2. For really good Italian food, Leccabaffi is about 7 miles away from the Sanctuary. We have frequently visited Elements for sunset cocktails and appetizers and then driven over to Leccabaffi for dinner. The restaurant itself is not what you'd call fancy, but fairly small, with a pleasant atmosphere and lovely service. It's at 9719 N. Hayden Rd., in Scottsdale.


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        I do not think that coming from LA that Leccabaffi would impress. LA has a great number of top-notch Italian restaurants.

      2. With the "not available in Los Angeles" at the front part of my brain, I'd say (in no particular order) Roaring Fork, Cowboy Ciao, El Charro (for the scenery and ambience) and Los Sombreros (possibly a bit more than 10 miles, but you won't regret the extra mile or two if you appreciate great food.).

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          Good list!!! Cowboy Ciao is a great pick espcially if you are into wine....

          I cannot recommend Sassi enough....amazing setting and amazing cuisine...Chef used to work Mario Batali's kitchen....cant beat it IMHO