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Feb 18, 2006 03:42 PM

Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque?

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We've recently moved to Albuquerque from San Francisco and I'm starting to crave Chinese food. Where should we start our Albuquerque explorations?

Thanks -- Lind

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  1. Wow. Tough one. SFranciso has good Chinese, and ABQ . . . not so much.

    Chow's Chinese Bistro on Juan Tabo NE is great, but doesn't feel like the Chinese that I had growing up. Chen's on Juan Tabo has been a good sort of greasy spoon Chinese place for us.

    I've eaten in a LOT of ABQ Chinese places over the years, and pretty much just given up on everyplace other than Chow's. (Vietnamese, on the other hand, is well-represented here.)

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      high desert chow

      try Ming's Dynasty up on Eubank, used to be Beijing Palace. Great dim sum on the weekends and always a large percentage of asain clientele. Also, the asian markets, Ta Lin and 99 Markets have deli sections with food on the weekends, i.e. roast pork, raost duck and assorted dishes. Another good resource, I like Gil's web site, does alot of reviews and has good insight into the local food scene.

      1. ditto, that it will be very hard to find a satisfying Chinese experience in ABQ....Chow's is the only place i go for chinese, and Ming's for dim sum....

        With that said, ABQ has some real standouts in other asian cuisine. Dozens and dozens of excellent vietnamese ((May Cafe, Cafe da Lot, and the new Cafe Trang)) --stop into Ta Lin while you there ((our massive asian market))...We also have stellar Thai: Siam, Bankok, Thai Tip.....and Believe or not we have pretty decent sushi. By far one of the best restaurants in the state is Noda's Japanese Cuisine ((it is a haul to get there but way worth it))


        1. I agree with previous posters. The Thai & Vietnamese food here is far better than any of the Chinese. That said... we like ABC on Menaul and East Ocean on Carlisle for decent Hong Kong style food.

          I have to disagree about Chow's though. I find it to be totally Americanized--- and too enpensive.

          Welcome to ABQ!


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            Ah.... Is ABC the place I've heard has a blue "American Chinese" menu and a red "real Chinese" menu. Is that true? Which do you use? What kinds of things are on the authentic menu?

          2. I just moved here and I'm unhappily surprised by the lack of good Chinese. But I heard about Ho Ho on Montgomery -- supposed to be good. But then, I've heard raves about China Star and that was not so good.

            Anyone try Ho Ho?