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Jan 23, 2006 03:44 PM

Irie Jamaican Restaurant in Phoenix

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Thanks to someone here, I found out about it.

IRIE Jamaica Restaurant
2727 East Broadway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 323-9085

This is a small, and I mean SMALL, little place. There were two booths, and only three or for tables. There's absolute NO ambience of any kind, save for some reggae playing on a stero. It's very low-rent, in keeping with what you might call a transitional neighborhood.

It's strictly a one-women show, assisted by a teenage daughter. The menu was a dry-erase board posted behind the counter. SOME of the things I can recall are:

Curried Goat...Oxtail...Plantains..several different fish dishes...peas and rice..jerk chicken(of COURSE!).

They offer combinations of several things, also. The choices and prices appear to be all-day, though I tried it out with a co-worker at lunch. I think each of our combo plates were $10. I got the goat and oxtail, while she got just jerk-chicken.

Each plate had sides of peas and rice, a tasty sauteed cabbage/onion mix, and plaintains. It was all quite good. Every bit as tasty as I can recall from South Florida 10 years ago. While the plates were filling, you won't be taking anything home.

I can't say that it's a great VALUE at those prices....BUT...for the only game-in-town, and filling a craving I've not satisfied in was worth it. I will go again.....just not after DARK!

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  1. Oops! Excuse my spelling errors.

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    1. re: VictorLouis

      is Irie still open? im craving for some jerk chicken and oxtails

    2. The food is good, the jerk chicken is HOT and not for wimps. Great place to go for lunch but stay outta that part of town at night. The service is iffy and not overwhelmingly friendly, especially if the younger teens are up front. But the food is worth it. Just go and ENJOY.

      1. Hi Victor,

        I went to Irie about a year ago. You're right--there are no points for ambiance. I recall fly tape hanging from one of the doorways inside, lol. Not what you want to see in a restaurant.

        The owner was actually quite friendly when we went. I don't know about the teenagers. I had the curried chicken, which was cooked well, but I didn't care for the flavor much. I had meant to order the jerk, and "curried" apparently popped out of my mouth by accident. I did try someone's jerk chicken, and it was really good, and spicy like you said. We also tried the curried goat and oxtail. Not dishes I'd recommend unless you know that you like them going in.

        Good review Victor, you summed it up well. I'm not sure I'd ever go back though.

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        1. re: jasonaz

          The owner was beyond friendly. I was unsure if I was willing to order the Oxtail, and she got a plate and brought one out for me to try. It seems someone else tried a drink or something before ordering. The oxtail wasn't bad. It had a good flavor, but was very fatty.