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Seafood and Steak in Las Vegas

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Hi all,

I've been checking through the boards but still can't seem to figure out where I can get great seafood in Vegas. In particular, how is Aquaknox at the Venetian, and are Michael Mina at the Bellagio or Seablue at MGM any better?

Also, looking to chow down on some great steak. Been to Peter Luger's in NY and chains like Ruth's Chris, Lawry's and Morton's. Are steak places in Vegas up to par with these restaurants?

Many thanks!

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  1. Vegas has some very good steak places indeed! I'm no expert, but I've eaten at Ruth's Chris, and would say that SW Steakhouse (Wynn Las Vegas) is far superior, and Delmonico Steakhouse (Venetian) is almost as good as SW. There are a number of other steak places I haven't tried but which also get top marks, e.g., Prime Steakhouse (Bellagio). Be warned that the places I've mentioned are very expensive; you can easily exceed $100/person.

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      Vegas Victual Views

      The best steak I've had in Las Vegas is at Hank's in the Green Valley Ranch casino. If you don't want to stray far from The Strip, see my review on Chowhound (see below in the message board) about Mon Ami Gabi. I found their hunks of meat to be quite enjoyable.

      Link: http://vegasvictualviews.blogspot.com/

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        I have had filet there several times and would recommend

      2. I've been to Morton's, BOA, Lawry's, and Ruth Chris... but I have to say the BEST steak in vegas is at Smith & Wollensky on the strip near MGM. It is a bit pricey - about the same as Morton's but worth it. Envy inside the Renaissance hotel near the Las vegas convention center is also wonderful... only problem I have had there is everytime I ask for medium-rare - i get a well done steak. So I just sent it back and I get a med-rare. I just feel so bad for sending it back. So make sure if you want to order med-rare, you tell the server twice so they know how to cook it (supposedly since they have a lot of international guests, they are used to cooking the steaks well done, but idk).

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          i went to BOA last trip to vegas for lunch and food was great and service was great too. me and gf were the only people dining so we had two people serving us and cleaning up. i usually only go to restaurants that are not here in LA, i went to delmonicos a few years ago and the steak was so-so service as well. I hear high marks for craftsteak and would like to try that sometime. anyone else have any ideas for non chain steak places in vegas?

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            n9ne in palms...but it's loud/hip, stripsteak is worth a try, prime ....very nice but as i've said before, feels like a high end restaurant and not a steakhouse...i do not care for smith wollensky, and yes, craftsteak is worthwhile ...but please be prepared...all these places cost serious $$$$ !!

        2. Michael Mina at Bellagio is excellent, been there several times and the food is always good with superb service. My one point of advice would be to not go too late (like after a show) because one time they had fun out of the special for a 9:30 reservation after the Cirque du Soleil "O". Haven't been to Aquanox but have heard good things. Another place to look at is Bartolotta at Wynn. It is a Mediterranean/Italian place with fresh seafood flown in daily. They have a menu item that is whole cooked fish which they prepare tableside...pretty impressive. As for steak, they are all good....I've heard Nine at Palms is great. Have a great time! Check out the Beatles Love show at Mandalay Bay if you can; it's amazing.

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            The Love show is at the Mirage! Excellent!

            1. I think Michael Mina is excellent. Good seafood can also be had at Sensi.

              For steak, I've had great meals at Delmonico, Prime, the Palm, and Nine.

              I've heard good things about SW and Craftsteak.

              1. try bartolotta at the wynn for great seafood, and prime at bellagio for steak. both are pricey, tho.

                1. If you're looking for a good steak at a reasonable price, it's hard to beat the Steakhouse at Circus Circus. Just ignore everything you see from the front door until you get inside the steakhouse. They really do dry age their own stuff, if the cooler on the left as you enter is to be believed, and they grill on charcoal. Good stuff.

                  1. Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse and Prime are both incredible! The nod going to Emeril's because I thought the sides and desserts were better, but either one is worth trying for sure, and somewhat better than the chains you listed. Michael Mina's Stripsteak is on my MUST do list for my next trip, I've been to four of Mina's restaurants and enjoyed them all. Mina is a very talented and creative chef/restauranteur, I've heard the steak at Stripsteak is great and the sides are better than one normally expects at a steak place.

                    1. Kill two birds with the one stone. Freshest and best seafood in the city is at Seablue. Furthermore their wood fired grill makes their steak selection superlative.
                      Mina just revised his menu a couple of days ago and there are several terrific additions. There are now about 20 different entrees and new "skewers" section which features a lamb kebab on a bed of chilli basmati, chicken skewers with prosciutto wrapped asparagus & foie gras.
                      One of the freshest and most varied raw bars in the city make this restaurant a hidden gem. you can expect to pay about $80 a head.

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                        Add Del Friscos to the steak argument. Best steak I've had there and it's nice (IMO) going to a restaurant not part of a casino.

                      2. Peter Luger's is a tough act to follow for anyone. You should be forewarned that PL dry ages their steaks and some of the recommendations you see in Vegas are for the wet aged houses like SW, N9ne, Morton's, Ruth Chris', and Del Frisco's. All of these serve good steaks but only if you like wet aged steaks or like both dry and wet aged.

                        For dry aged steaks, (also wet aged too) I recommend Craftsteak although it is not quite Peter Luger. Luger has super hot broilers so you get a slightly better exterior char effect but the mashed Yukons at Craftsteak are really outstanding.

                        As far as seafood goes, I though the lobster pot pie was pretty good at Michael Mina but Bartolotta at the Wynn is really good for fresh fish with an Italian twist. rm in the Mandalay shopping area was very good when I tried it but it might be inconsistent based on what some others say. Haven't tried Aquaknox or Seablue.

                        1. I'm a little unclear...Is there a Peter Luger's in Vegas? or just NY?

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                          1. How about trying Joe's Stone Crabs in the Forum Shops Mall. They have a great mix of steak and seafood on the same menu. This is one of my favorite Vegas resturants. Sea Blue is very good too so you really can't make a bad decision. My personal opinion is that SW in the Wynn is overpriced and you can have a better meal elsewhere for the a few less dollars. CraftSteak in the MGM is very good and worth consideration too.

                            1. SW is very good, one of the best steaks I've had. I generally like Ruth's Chris's, but SW is a notch above RC and has wonderful ambience.

                              You might want to stop by MGM because almost all of their high end restaurants have summer specials for $60 per person. Craftsteak is having it. It's not on the menu, so you have to ask them about it before you order.

                              1. ive eaten at almost every place in town, and while nine, SW, Prime, smith/woll are great, CUT is the best in town, in my opinion. for seafood, RM and Michael Mina are pretty good.

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                                  Could you compare Cut with SW? I can't decide between the two. Also, what did you have at RM? We have reservations there as well.

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                                    palmdoc, what did you like about cut, and how was the tab?

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                                      at rm, i shared a seafood platter, shrimp cocktail, crab gumbo, and tuna for the entree. everything was very fresh, as it should be with the price level. cut vs. sw, there are many differences. cut has a very large meat selection. two types of american prime and both kobes. in my experience at the two, cut has consistently better quality. sw is awesome and i think it has a little better buildout. but the steak at cut is that good. last time i had bone in illinois rib eye and we shared the kobe new york as a taster. now to the nasty, it is not cheap. 4 of us, steaks, the kobe appetizer, salads, desert platter and a few sides was $785.00 + tip(it was about $515 without the wine). i like cut, but have a great dinner wherever you choose.

                                  2. mmmm. Seafood..
                                    Just got back from vegas (6/08) and loved what I had at ilfornaio at nyny. True I had been enjoying the free beers for quite a few hours but even then the wonder of the food broke through.

                                    The previous night I had the seafood at mon ami gabi at paris. Now that was an all aware experience and was a delight.

                                    Both of them didn't break the bank, the dish was under 30 per plate. Add the wine etc and you're talking money.

                                    I refuse to eat farm raised fish as they live in their poop and heavy metals. Always go with the wild caught and if you can make sure it's hook caught as opposed to nets. That saves the collateral fish for us to enjoy after we've overfished the rest...

                                    I was born and raised in Seattle and took little notice of seafood while I lived there, just the salmon, sole and oysters. I went back after being in Phoenix for 10 years and lived on the fish. I know what good fish is and how much better it makes you feel when it's included in your diet on a regular basis. Here in Phoenix it's not unusual to see good fish going for 20 a pound. Now, in season, salmon is down to about 5.

                                    Oh ya, all fish is frozen unless you or your friend caught it (hopefully within 4 hours, yum)
                                    Marc the pontificator

                                    1. We ate at the Delmonico in the Venetian. Our steaks were very poor, much worse than we cook at home. Service and atmosphere were pleasant enough. Prime was good but not exceptional, especially for the money. Be aware that that a lot of steakhouses, including Mortons and Ruth's Chris are "wet aging" their steaks. Personally, I think "wet aging" is awful and ruins the meat. Just my opinion, of course.