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Jan 9, 2006 03:27 PM

Green Chili Cheese Burger

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What is this and what is in it?


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  1. It's a burger made famous by Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe.
    It's a regular burger with New Mexico green chiles roasted, chopped and heated and placed on top of the patty followed by cheese to hold everything together. It's a killer burger.

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    1. re: Donnie C
      JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

      Bingo! You can find variations of it all over the Southwest. Heck, you can even get one at Sonic Drive-In if you want. In the metro Phoenix area, the one to get is the Big Ass Burger in the bar at the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale. It's my favorite burger in town, easily besting the fancy schmancy ones served up at another favorite of mine, Delux. Robert McGrath and the gang at the Fork just know what they're doing with grilled hunks of meat.

      1. re: Donnie C

        "Made famous by the Bobcat Bite"? A little historical revisionism here on Chowhound! ;-P

        1. re: Erich
          alice (let's eat!)

          Aw, Erich...every little place has its passionate advocates! (I think the rest of us just chuckled and bit our tongues!)

          1. re: alice (let's eat!)

            For better or worse, Bobcat Bite has given GCB's national exposure like no one else.

            1. re: Donnie C

              It is truly the best (Bobcat Bite's GCB) and worth the trip out as well as the wait in line that you will surely have. If you've never had one, it's hard to explain the wonder.

              1. re: Donnie C

                Actually the first national exposure of the green chile cheeseburger came from the OWl. Bob cat while one of my faves, was several years later in terms of national exposure. My only gripe about the Bobcat is you need to bring your own ketchup for the fries because they only have cruddy sysco ketchup.

          2. For an outstanding green chile double burger try the "Burger Nook" on Madrid in Las Cruces. Everything finest quality and made fresh. You may have a little wait!

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            1. re: Fieldmarshall

              It's definitely a good green chile burger, but I've waited over an hour for a burger when it wasn't even busy. I don't go there anymore because of this.

            2. Bobcat Bite is great but Blake's Lotta Burger had Green Chile Cheeseburgers before Bobcat Bite was even a hint of an idea!

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              1. re: Mutt

                LOve the GCC at Blakes! The one in Bernallilo is the first I hit after I leave the airport on the road to Santa Fe!

              2. And nobody mentions the Owl Cafe in San Antonio NM? Since Bobcat Bites has only been around about 50 years, I think credit goes to many other sources. Belen Fiestas has had GCCBs decades before Bobcat bites ever existed. ANY place in NM has GCCBs. Geee Bobcat Bites burgers are good but there is no way that they are the ones who made it famous... That's like saying In and Out Burger made burgers famous. Just one of many many great places to get a green chile cheese burger.

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                1. re: austinguy

                  There's a place in the strip mall at Coors and Montano in Albuquerque that has outstanding gccbs. Spinns Burgers & Beer. Apparently modeled after Rex's Hamburgers, which I never had.

                  1. re: festivarian

                    Heck even mc donalds in New Mexico have green chile cheese burgers. As a an expert in the field of Green chile cheeseburgers, i heartily endorse: Owl (best green chile), Bobcat bite(big fresh ground burger), Buckhorn, Blake's (always one around the corner)get the double meat double cheese and 2bl chile lota burger at blake's. And by the way since i have not answered the question asked,

                    A green chile cheeseburger is a cheeseburger with anaheim green chiles on board(some of the best green chile coming form a town just NW of Lac cruces called Hatch). depending on the establishment, the chile(spelled with an E on the end) is placed on or under the cheese and is chopped or in strips, but usually chopped. Owl has a green chile sauce that has ground beef in it and is fabulous, it makes the burger a bit messy but so be it.

                    I like my green chile cheeseburgers with some ketchup, some may say no but i say yesssss. try some cheese fries with green chile. Heck everything is good with green chile.

                    1. re: SeanT

                      Thank you for the correct information! I agree with all of your comments. Have you guys every heard of Santiago's New Mexican Grill on Eubank in Albuquerque? They are new (within the last 5 years) and are by far my favorite green chile cheese burger in NM!

                      Santiago's New Mexican Grill
                      1911 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

                2. in santa fe a great green chile cheeseburger can be had @ DAVE'S NOT HERE.