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Jan 8, 2006 11:57 PM

Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay

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I went here for lunch today. First time. I was pretty impressed with the burger....interesting your own style...kind of like The Counter in Santa Monica, CA.....I liked the Burger Bar a bit better...the onion rings were really good.

They had a surf and turf burger...which I wonder about...also, the "Kobe Beef" burger...i wonder how that was....I've heard that the Kobe Beef style isn't great for burgers...who knows. Any experiences with any of the other times.

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    I had the "Kobe" beef burger at Burger Bar, and it was good, but it wasn't anything special. That was consistent with a different one I had elsewhere. I think burgers are a waste of perfectly good wagyu.

    1. I went there last week...we thought is was lousy and overpriced. Burgers were overcooked, dry and tasteless, sent some back to be re-cooked. French Fries were frozen out of a bag and not as good as most fast food restaurants. I was very dissapointed, way overpriced, 15.00 for basic hamburger, can't get to cooked right, don't waste your money here.

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        I went there in 04 and loved it, the fries were excellent and shake was great, in 05, they brought everything out after it clearly had been sitting under a lamp for over ten minutes, cold and not very good.

        Best burger I've had in Vegas was at Mesa Grill for lunch, very reasonable(in 04)$11 got you breadbasket with corn muffins, burger with fixins, and southwest flavored fries.

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          Yeah, that Mesa burger is great.

      2. My favorite LV burger is from Rosemary's. With such mixed reviews on the Burger Bar I think I'll pass. If I'm at Mandalay Bay and dropping coin on some chow I'll head for the lounge at Fleur De Lys.

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          Let us know how the lounge food is there!

        2. Agree with mdietrich. Went there last night for dinner and we were very disappointed. Burgers were unexceptional on every count. I had the American Classic (bacon cheeseburger) and my girlfriend had the buffalo. Both were ho-hum, nothing special and definitely not worth $13+. The atmosphere was like a sports bar. Fries were bland but the onion rings had a light crust and were quite tasty. Everyone else in our party of 9 agreed: thumbs down on the Burger Bar. We'll try Rosemary's or Mesa Grill next time we get the hankering for a burger.