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Help - Need Denver recommendation open after midnight

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In February, my family and I will be arriving at Denver International Airport around 12 midnight. We are staying in a hotel near the airport. We need a recommendation for any restaurant (take out and fast food is fine) that is open after midnight. Any ides?

Thank you very much!

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    There's pretty slim pickins around the airport hotels.

    Moonlight Diner might be open...have no idea whether it is houndworthy
    or not.

    There's a Bennigan's in the area if you do not have wheels. But, yuck.

    If you do have wheels, head for Mezcal on E Colfax. Excellent real Mex,
    full bar and as the name suggests, tons of tequilas. I think they serve until closing.

    1. There's Jerusalem, but it's not near the airport.

      Link: http://www.jerusalemrestaurant.com/

      1. DIA is in the middle of nowhere. The hotels are in the middle of nowhere, except that they are on i-70. Moonlight Diner used to do chicken fried steak and eggs that was pretty good, especially at midnight. Don't know the hours, but would throw out a second to the man's idea on Moonlight as an option. Really tough area for foodstuffs.

        1. We will be staying at the Denver Airport one night in order to catch an early flight out. I googled a map and have come up with Quiznos, Outback, Ted's Montana Grill, Anthony's Pizza, Jack and Grill, Emil-Lene's Sirloin House and a ton of other fast food places. Which of these places, or any others you can suggest, would be a good stop for dinner? Should we stop somewhere else coming out of the mountains and into Denver instead of eating near our hotel? Thanks for any help you can offer.

          1. I would CERTAINLY stop en route from the mountains to DIA for dinner. As ViValve noted, the airport and its nearby hotels are in the middle of nowhere -- and some of the restaurants that came up in your search are nowhere near the airport.

            You won't get the finest food ever if you stop right off I-70 in Georgetown or Idaho Springs (Exit 240), but at least you won't be chowing in chain -- and you won't be eating at midnight either. BeauJo's Mountain Pizzas in Idaho Springs is an iconic stop of filling custom pies -- long-time favorite of hungry locals. El Rancho right off I-70's Exit 252 is another icon. This large log building houses a retro restaurant serving classic American dishes and some Italian-ish fare. The tables are spacious and well spaced, and you'll feel as if you were rewinding to Granny's favorite special-occasion eatery. They even put a relish tray on the table along with the bread and butter.

            If you have stuff in/on top of your vehicle, you might prefer not to stop in urban Denver to eat and risk having something ripped off. Denver is not a particuarly dangerous city, but it's better not to tempt those who are up to no good.

            Last I heard (and this was some time ago), the Moonlight Diner was only open late on weekends.

            1. Totally agree with the above post. Any BeauJo's is worth a stop...good quality pizza and different than any you've had before.

              Jack N Grill is always a good idea if you are in the area...it would be a bit of a detour heading from the Rockies to a DIA hotel, but always worth a visit.

              If it's just a good solid meal you are after, you could do worse than McCoy's. Independent coffee shop with good service, a broad menu and a nice salad bar. Just off I-70 at Federal (same exit you would take for Jack N Grill which is several miles south).

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                To clarify for you. We will be staying near 40th and Pena Blvd or US 70 and Pena Blvd. Hope that makes it easier for you. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

              2. Not sure if you are still looking for a place open after midnight (as the original poster was a year ago) or just a place near DIA for diner? Open after midnight is pretty tough other then a few places in Central Denver. There might be a couple of 24hr places off Pena near the hotels?

                If you are just looking for places close by with decent food the only area I can think of is near the old Denver aiport at Stapleton. That area is probably within 5 miles of I-70 and Pena?

                La Sandia might be your best bet. Have not been but I like his other places in Denver.

                There is also a Brazilian steakhouse that I know nothing about

                And a Chinese place which looks like a PF Changs type place.

                1. La Sandia is a great bet. It's not exactly a hop, skip, and jump from DIA, but what the hell is? It's close enough that you would be about halfway between DIA and downtown -- so about 15 minutes from DIA. Jack-n-Grill, by the way, now has a second -- and much larger -- outpost at 7415 E 41st Avenue, near the old Stapleton Airport. Jack-n-Grill is New Mexican, family-friendly, and inexpensive. La Sandia, which is Mexican and also located near the old Stapletown Airport, behind the Macy's at the Northfield at Stapleton shopping center, is wonderful, far more upscale (beautiful, actually), and it's not particularly expensive either. As an added bonus, they have amazing cocktails.

                  1. Thanks for the update and more specific directions. I did not realize Jack-n-Grill opened a place out East. Looking at Google maps it looks very close to I-70 and Pena. If I wanted someplace closer by my hotel thats where I would go (I just realized you mentioned Jack-n-Grill in your original post!) Also I am a fan of Anthony's Pizza if you feel like pizza after skiing.

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                      We are not really looking for a place that's open after midnight. We don't mind a bit of a drive if it means we don't have to succumb to the usual chains. We have an early flight out of DIA and want to avoid that 5 in the morning drive over the pass. Been there, done that...not a lot of fun. Just thought we'd drive out late afternoon or early evening and will need a place to eat at night. It will get us out of the hotel room at least. So thanks all for your help here!

                    2. Re: Jack-n-Grill

                      Jack-n-Grill had decent food, but on our first and only visit, we saw an owner/manager park, blocking both handicapped spaces. The company didn't even respond to a letter (they have no email that we could find).

                      We were at Jack-n-Grill's second location (on E. 40th), and saw some truly obnoxious behavior by an owner or manager.

                      We saw a guy in a big white Yukon zip right up between the two empty handicapped parking spaces, and park directly on the striped area between them. It seemed that this guy was actually somebody in charge of the restaurant, either an owner or an off-duty manager, as he spent about 30 minutes chatting with the staff, going behind the bar, etc.
                      For some reason, he left for a few minutes, came back with a couple of passengers, and parked exactly as before. Total time blocking the handicapped spaces: probably 30 minutes.

                      The striped area is used for unloading wheelchairs, etc. Parking like that, between the two marked handicapped spaces, effectively prevented their use. Furthermore, I didn't notice, but no doubt the Yukon was also blocking the ramp area in the sidewalk. So even if someone in a wheelchair managed to park and unload somewhere else, they would have had to find another ramp, just to get to the door.

                      We were disgusted by this behavior of a manager/owner who was too lazy to park 5, 10, 20 spaces away, and who didn't care about any handicapped patrons who might show up.

                      robvbrowning at yahoo dot com