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Nov 24, 2005 10:44 PM

Early bird dinners/moderate prix fixes in Vegas?

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We are going but don't want to pay for $85+ tasting menus. Do any of the fine restaurants offer any lesser priced meals? Also, we would also do a la carte as we are not dessert eaters. Any recommendations for us?

Thanks in advance!

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    If you don't have wheels the cab ride might offset the savings, but Rosemary's is definitely worth looking into, especially for lunch.

    Their 3-course prix fixe lunch is just a bit over $20, with a 3-course dinner prix fixe @ $45 (some dishes with surcharges).

    They do a 5-course tasting menu for less than the $85 you mentioned,
    with both wine and beer pairings available with the tab still under a bill.

    You could also gorge on a parade of dishes from the small plates menu
    served in the bar, have a couple of rounds of drinks and be well under budget, cab ride included.