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Nov 23, 2005 08:37 AM

Hawaiian food or Filipino food

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Are there any local places for hawaiian food or filipino food. We were trying to find places with local hawaiian food, thanks!!


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  1. j
    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

    Define "local"... we're everywhere from Vegas to New Mexico here.


    1. If you're in the Phoenix area, there is a large Filipino market and a small Filipino cafe in the strip mall on the southwest corner of 35th Avenue and Dunlap.

      There are several small cafes serving Hawaiian plate lunch-type food around the metro area; the one I've tried is in the Happy Valley mall, on Happy Valley Road just east of the I-17. I believe there are others in the Chandler/Mesa area.

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        I just wanted to expound on that a bit for those of us in Phoenix.

        I've been to L&L 4 times now. Besides the Wal-Mart Supercenter plaza at Happey Valley/I-17, there is one on Stapley just south of the 60 in Mesa.

        1. re: VictorLouis

          I just read Howard's review that I linked.

          I AGREE with him on portion size, and I'm a big eater. A mini, and a side of musabi is GREAT. Or, a full plate and side or two can easily feed to of you. BTW, if you're on Atkins, or just don't 'do' starches, they'll cater to that need.

          I disagree with him about the beef. I've not had any bad pieces of thinkly sliced beef, but the Bulgogi(short-ribs) is always going to be chewy just due to the cut. The shrimp IS bland, and the Mahi-Mahi is NOT.

          1. re: VictorLouis
            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            Avoid the Ono Hawaiian BBQ at all costs. Greasy, bland, nasty nasty food. I also like Aloha Kitchen in Chandler and Ma'i Island Grill in Tempe. Ma'i is my favorite.


          2. re: Sarah C

            Oh! I ate at that Filipino cafe a few weeks ago! It was fantastic, and the folks there were incredibly friendly.

          3. If you're in Vegas, don't miss Pinoy Pinay. Great Filipino food! A little out of the way, but a top choice in Sin City for a taste of home!

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              +1 for pinoy pinay..i always stop in there on my way into vegas, fyi..its very close to stratosphere