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Nov 22, 2005 11:43 AM

Any good restaurants in Lake Havasu City?

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Any recommendations for good restaurants in Lake Havasu City, Az.? Not looking for anything fancy, just looking for the special places that locals go back to time and time again because the food is so good! Thanks so much!

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  1. We really like Chico's Tacos in the Basha's shopping center. Can't seeem to get enough of their grilled fish tacos. Also like Barley Bros. for larger dinners and good microbrews.

    1. Casa Serrano of Lake Havasu

      We think they have the Best (mild/med) salsa and chips anywhere in the world! I personally don’t care for the hot salsa, but the medium (homemade fresh at site we're told) is heavenly. Served free prior to ordering.

      Here is the lunch menu:

      1. In general, Havasu is not well-represented when it comes to having a lot of quality dining choices. Barley Brothers is always a solid option: the food is solid, the view is nice, and the beer is outstanding. Mudshark Brewing is also pretty decent, though a step down from BB in terms of both food and beer.

        I'll mention two of my favorite places on earth though. These truly are places where you'll find the locals (I'm a former local...but religiously go to these two places when I make it back to LHC). The first is Ed's Deli, a true hole-in-the-wall that you would never find if you didn't know exactly where to look (it's tucked away near the corner of Smoketree/McCulloch). It's been there for 30+ years and hasn't changed a lick....the best hoagie on the planet. You wouldn't want to go there for atmosphere, but a sandwich from Ed's makes you forget pretenders like Subway ever existed. :-) The other gem is Taco Hacienda (by the Smith's grocery store); it's a nice local Mexican place. It's not fancy, and not very authentic, but its been around forever for a reason. Their salsa is really tasty, and you've got to try the flour chips and cheese.

        1. There's a great spot off the beaten path...

          Stearns Restaurant + Bar is turning into quite a 'local secret' on the north side of town. It's on London Bridge Road near the Refuge golf course. Two young musicians (David and Josh) from Los Angeles bought it last year and are revamping the old joint (NOTE: the sign still says "Santiagos Pizza") from the inside out.

          They've redone the menu and are crafting a really thoughtful, comfortable, cozy, rugged interior that is attracting a mix of both the locals from RV parks and their upscale neighbors from the Refuge.

          This end of town is changing rapidly, as will the homey "Cheers" feeling of Stearns, no doubt. Try a burger, pizza, or any of their breakfasts. I had a mean breakfast burrito last weekend!

          1. A great place for Italian food is Angelina's Italian Kitchen on Acoma on the north side of town. It's a traditional, sit-down Italian place and everything there is fantastic.

            I wholeheartedly second the recommendation of Ed's Deli - I seriously think they have the best sub sandwiches I've ever had. They have a pepperoncini paste that just makes the sandwich.

            If you're looking for a good steak my favorite is the Golden Horseshoe, which is tucked away on the lake side of the highway on the extreme north end of town. They have a great salad bar, too, which is hard to find in town.

            I also love both Barley Brothers and Mudshark.