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Nov 17, 2005 08:23 PM

Chino Bandito wows our group!

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It seems that everyone in the Phoenix area has been to Chino Bandito except me. That changed today and I'm thrilled to have made this connection. Based on CH recommendations (Thanks JK Grence, among others) we found our way to the Chandler location (somewhat hidden back in the "V" of a strip mall on the SE corner of Dobson & Chandler Blvd).

It was our lucky day that Frank, the owner, was working the counter to explain the ordering process. What a nice idea to present tastes of some unfamiliar items to newcomers.

There have been many posts about ordering at Chino Bandito and I simply recomend that you take the plunge and DO IT. The odd combination of Mexican-Chinese-Jamaican works. What can I say? There is no logical explanation *and* they are delicious.

A Jade Chicken Quesadilla(Frank's recommendation) was a knockout as was the Chinese BBQ Pork Burrito.

The food cries for beer and happily, there is a selection of both imported and domestic.

A freebie cookie rounds out the more-than-ample lunch that won't break the bank (+/- $10 pp w/ imported beer). All of the entree choices are priced the same, so it doesn't matter whether you choose pork or chicken, jamaican jerk fried rice or plain white rice, the bill is identical. Nice touch.

The interior is "Industrial Chic" black-white and very clean. Plastic tableware & paper napkins contribute to the casual ambience.

Chino Bandito is a definite "Do Again"!

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  1. I joked with the group I took there, that they ought to "Certify" you after going through the ordering training. I agree, the sample idea is a great one and I have loved everything I have had there as well. Next time be sure to do the awesome experience 'double' and walk across Chandler Blvd to Angel Sweet Gelato...mmmmmmmmmm

    Billy Bob

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      Love it!
      You just reminded me that I haven't been there in such a long time. I need to visit.

    2. My mother took me to work (I think it was Sperry, now Honey Well) when I was 12yrs and at lunch I got to eat with her co-workers here. It made such an impression on me that when I was out of college I searched it out, and when in town I try my hardest to stop in. I hope they never close!

      1. I'm glad you love Chino's! It's one of the things I miss about the east Valley. Small note, the only thing that changes the price of the combo is that the fried rice is 75 cents more than the white rice, certainly a worthwhile addition.

        1. welcome to the club. It's the first place I ever take visitors. It's totally the anti-chow... or maybe it's SO chow, that it's not. Perhaps in the melding of culinary traditions there's also some philosophy. It's a great mantra.

          "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeenohhhhhhhh" (take a spoon of black beans)
          "Bandeeeeeeeeeeeeetohhhhhhhh" (Jerk chicken)

          Seriously, though, what all is in the sweet chili paste? Is it just chilis? Is there some bean? anyone in the know?

          1. Kirkland - it's the very definition of chowhound. Sniffing out the best of the best without regard to price, decor, or dress code.