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Jan 16, 2014 03:56 PM

Does anyone else taste flatware?

I know this is a goofy question... But I sure could use some advice. I taste flatware when eating. Have since I was a kid. Hate the taste.

The ones that I get the least taste out of were made in the 50s - 60s (I think they were Onieda), and the ones that are genuinely awful to eat with are some that we purchased from Ikea that were made in the last few years.

Blech. The ones from Ikea taste as though I'm licking the inside of a rusty tin can full of blood, dirty copper pennies and tomatoes.

I have to look for some new stuff or I'll end up at the dinner table eating with a sharp stick. If any of you have the same problem I could use some advice on a better brand. It's not like I can put a bunch of store displays in my mouth... Well, I could... But I wouldn't be able to do so for long before store security booted me out.

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  1. < I taste flatware when eating.>

    Very mild to non-existent taste to me.

    <The ones from Ikea taste as though I'm licking the inside of a rusty tin can full of blood, dirty copper pennies and tomatoes.>

    Have you tasted "a rusty tin can full of blood, dirty copper pennies and tomatoes" before?

    Regardless, you probably can taste metallic interaction with your tongue. I don't know what Onieda you used (do you know?). It is possible you were using the more expensive 18/10 stainless steel, while the Ikea ones are almost certain from 18/0.

    Therefore, you want to see if you can tell the difference between 18/10 vs 18/0

    In addition, you can move away from iron based flatware.

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      <Have you tasted "a rusty tin can full of blood, dirty copper pennies and tomatoes" before?>

      If I tell you they won't let me go back to Vegas.

    2. I have some Wallace 18/10 stainless and don't notice anything.

      I feel for you since I have to use non stick or enameled cast iron or my spaghetti sauce taste off even in All Clad.

      My mom and grandmother would use aluminum pots and it was awful.


      1. Hi slowshooter:

        Not a goofy question at all. Just not rigorously investigated until recently. See


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        1. re: kaleokahu

          Thanks! I can't tell you how happy I was to read that article... Made me mist up a little.

          I feel like I should print out a few copies and send them to family. Maybe then they'd understand what the hell I was talking about at the dinner table when we were growing up.

          "See! See! I'm NOT crazy!"

          "Hmph. So you say..."

          Me ---> >:-(

          Thanks again Kaleo! Really truly appreciate the info.

          1. re: slowshooter

            No problem, slowshooter!

            If you want to make them jealous, why don't you see if you're a "supertaster"? Try

            Also of interest to see if you fit the pattern:


        2. Ended up with a HUGE mess-o silverplate... back when people actually did crafts and I was in a wind chime phase. Bought a BIG lot of stuff on Ebay for cheap. In it was a LOT of one pattern (Patrician) that looked to be in really nice shape... no serious wear at all. I worked my old fingers to the bone with silver polish & it came out beautiful. Got more pieces of same pattern... again cheap on ebay as "craft" raw materials. Have at least 12 place settings... knife, dinner/salad forks, tea/soup spoons, round soup spoons, butter knives/spreaders, little ladle looking thingies. for a pretty table for holidays. And I think food tastes different/better off silver??

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            Count me among those who can taste silver - or at least silver plate - and it tastes bad to me. I guess when I was still silversmithing it never occurred to me to lick any of the jewelry I was making - but silverplate that I was offered at the homes of others, it always had an off taste to me. It wasn't just one kind or pattern, either.