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Nov 11, 2005 09:08 AM

pumpkin pie in Albuquerque?

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I hate pumpkin pie and I don't feel like making it, but my 12 guests are expecting it. Does anyone know where in Albuquerque I can get a good one (I'm looking for a whole pie to go, either from a restaurant, bakery, or grocery store)? I'm trying to avoid the frozen pie option, and I have no idea how to judge a "good" pumpkin pie since I can't stand the things.


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  1. Try the flying star.....there's on on Central in nob hill. One on Rio Grand. Good luck.

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    1. re: amy

      If the 4 Flying Stars don't suit you, you might call The Pie Man down on Gibson . . .

      1. re: Erich

        The Pie Man is in jail; thought it was closed; must be someone else running it. I however, would have to agree that Flying Star probably has the best pumpkin pies.

    2. You can order a pie from The Range Cafe. I have not tried their pumpkin, but they have really great desserts.

      Costco has a pumpkin pie that's quite good. It's huge (what isn't at Cosco), always a hit when I serve it and it's a whole lot less money than Flying Star.

      I'm not impressed with FS's baked goods or food for that matter. The prices are high for the quality of the things they serve. They're not bad, just not great and not worth the price. The other night they had an onion soup on the menu for $8.95. When I questioned the server .to see if there was a typo, she told me "Oh, it's huge". The menu also had a "huge" bowl of Beef Stew for $4.99. Bizzare.

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        Miss Tenacity

        I've had pretty tasty fruit pies from Wild Oats. Not sure if their pumpkin would be the same....


        1. Just this week I purchased a good pumpkin pie from Sunflower Market at Coors and Alameda. The taste was good, price not too high and my family enjoyed it.! You might also.