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Nov 9, 2005 08:46 AM

BBQ in East Valley/Scottsdale

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coming into town to take some relatives in the area out for BBQ (thinking Ribs/Chicken). My uncle has
been disappointed with Big City and has left it
to me (and hence you chowhounders) to find a new
BBQ place for him as an early Christmas present....
suggestions??? I will try the places out before
bring Uncle Zach out.

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  1. El Paso BBQ Company n Hayden and Via De Ventura.
    They smoke everything and the baby back ribs melt in your mouth.

    1. I have always enjoyed Joes Real BBQ in Gilbert and every time I have taken out of towners, they have liked it as well.

      1. How does Uncle Zach define "Good BBQ"? More information would be helpful, i.e. St. Louis vs. N. Carolina, etc. Both answers you have received from OP suggest good spots AND they are different BBQ styles.

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        1. re: Sherri
          Travis Heller

          Uncle Z is a connoisseur(sp?) of bbq from all regions.
          That said, he prefers pulled pork carolina style,
          brisket texas style, and ribs he's particularly
          found of a sauce/rub with kick, not a tomato sauce
          soup on the meat...but rubs that are tender with
          bite. he hasn't been able to travel as much as
          he did but he longs for reminders of his days
          in memphis, KC, texas and one particular trip to
          parts of North carolina that he remembers every detail
          even though it was 35 years ago.....tough man~~~
          but a great story man.

          1. re: Travis Heller

            Lordy, I do wish your Uncle Z was able to travel. This past week, we were in Yarnell (on a long motorcycle tour of the state) and stopped at Bufords Buzzards Roost. We had no intention of stopping but the combined aroma of mesquite and meat made for a quick U-Turn and promise of wonderful lunch.

            Promise kept.

            The pulled pork - with a choice of sauces - was sublime; both smokey and tender. Uncle Z would approve. Perhaps you could fetch some for him and order a mesquite smoked turkey for your Thanksgiving feast while you're at it.

            Locally, I'll second the rec for Joe's BBQ in Gilbert as a middle-of-the-road-won't-offend-anyone spot for some decent food. I've only had their pulled pork (do you see a trend here??) and cannot speak to their ribs or brisket, though many have raved. Joe's also offers a choice of sauces, the two most visible are tomato-based. I do not know of a place in the East Valley that offers a vinegar-mustard based BBQ sauce for Uncle Zack. I'm sorry.

        2. I like Joe's in Gilbert, but R&B Rib House (1616 E. Main Street, Mesa) has the best ribs and smoked chicken I've had in the EV/Scottsdale area. It's a small place owned by Reggie and Mary Payne of Mississippi who make everything themselves including a to-die-for bread pudding with a hot vanilla-y sauce, pecan pie and sweet potato pies.

          If you haven't been, I highly suggest giving R&B a visit to test it out for your uncle. It's even more casual than your typical cue spot with plastic silverware and styrofoam plates.

          For pulled pork, I don't think Waldo's (4500 E. Main St., Mesa) can be beat. It's smoky, tender and served on a soft bun with a skillet of warm, slightly spicy bbq sauce. There was another Waldo's in Scottsdale, but it's been owned by different people for years and doesn't have the same quality as the Mesa location.

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          1. re: alwayshungry

            Isnt' it R&B that has the all you can eat ribs on Wednesday?

            1. re: jkgourmet
              Sophie Hinojos

              In my opinion I think R & B Ribs has the best BBQ. We stopped at Joe's in Gilbert on Thursday and guess what, just as we were reaching the order line, a lady came out and said that they had run out of ribs and bone-in chicken. I got the pulled pork (my favorite) and was sort of disappointed with the sauce. I like R & B's better. Has R & B relocated? Can you let me know where they are now? Thanks....

              1. re: Sophie Hinojos

                Hi for anyone looking for the owners of r&b ribhouse here is the num# 480-280-0354

                1. re: mary payne

                  Is R&B up and running again in some form?? I would love to hear that it is!

          2. The original comment has been removed