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Nov 7, 2005 12:41 PM

Oklahoma City Report

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I spent the weekend in Norman while visiting a friend and we ended up eating in OKC more than in Norman. We actually stayed away from the usual places in the Bricktown area.

Two places of note:

Iron Starr BBQ. So called Urban BBQ. Incredible stuff. Loved the brisket, never had briskets that are this fork tender. The pulled pork was OK, the turkey and sausage were amazing. The corn bread was superlative. The ribs, were falling of the bone tender. I am not usually a big fan of baked beans of any kind, but theirs had enough kick to it to warrant my taking a second bite.

Red Rock Canyon Grill. Probably one of the top three steaks I have ever had. I had the ribeye au poivre that was the special that night and it was amazing. My buddy had the strip with gorgonzola. The steak was extremely tasty and well prepared. The side veggies was a stir fry that was tasty as well. The salad had a southwestern ranch on it that made a generally ho-hum dish of greens taste absolutely fantastic. other dishes ordered was the tendeloin , the cluck and oink, a rotisserie chicken and ribs combo, and another rib eye. The view of the lake was also a great plus, on top of the great people watching opportunities.

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  1. You made two good choices. Iron Star has only been open a couple of years and a lot of people that live in Oklahoma City do not know about it. It has great meats and excellent side dishes. The owners also have a place called Cheever's Cafe which is located in a former florist shop and has New American food. Red Rock Canyon Grill is good also. I am glad you made some good choices for OKC. Did you eat anywhere else?

    Bigray in Ok

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      Yeah, at Louie's on campus in Norman, after a visit to campus. Less than satisfying. And at McAlister's Deli on campus because it was convenient.

      No worries, i will be back. Any suggestions?

    2. Have to second Red Rock..asked for the Rib Eye peppercorn...VERY NICE..I never liked mashed potato much..but it was excellent there!

      1. Last nite in OKC..tried Iron Starr...WOW...WOW! And CHEAP! AMAZING! Highly recommended! I had the Ribs..and the good!!!

        1. Excellent recommendation of Iron Starr Urban BBQ. I've been in town on business in OKC this week, and was a bit let down by the all-praised Cattleman's. Urban BBQ was comparably priced and the food was _much_ better.

          You - must - get - the - braised - collard - greens. Outstanding. Nice and spicy, perfectly cooked. Do it. Corn bread was also very tasty. The brisket was .. okay. Not quite as good as Phaedrus described. My dinner mate loved the ribs.

          Check out the nearby arts scene a few blocks away after dinner for a nice change of scenery from Bricktown.

          I snapped the photo outside Starr -- nice reuse of some older buildings.

          1. I went to Iron Star on Saturday for lunch. It was excellent. I had the Wedge salad. It had a soft bleu cheese stuffed in the middle of the lettuce wedge, grilled beef tenderloin, candied pecans, and a sweet vinaigrette dressing. Yum! I also love the dutch oven potatoes-sweet pototo gratin with gruyere cheese. It is fantastic!