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Jan 16, 2014 03:33 PM

Good Italian Delis in Seattle Area

I would welcome recommendations of any good Italian delis in the Seattle area. North of downtown preferred, but anywhere is fine.

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  1. The closet ones, in my opinion, are 3000 miles east.

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    1. re: NYPORK

      Funny NYPORK.
      I bet you hate Seattle bagels too!
      For Italian delis it takes a little perseverance and travel.
      Here's what I like...
      1. Delaurentis in the Pike Place Market.
      2. PFI http://www.bigjohnspfiseattle.com/ near Uwajimaya for groceries.
      3. Salumi for salumi.
      4. Procopio for gelato. http://procopiogelateria.com/
      Outside of Vancouver BC that might be the best you can do is go to various places for their specialties.
      I hope you find one I haven't heard of.

      1. re: NYPORK

        There are Italian delis 150 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia?

        1. re: kaleokahu

          Sorry my bad, 2,857.4 mi East. Love Seattle Bagels
          Best Seattle bagel, Bagel Oasis, put it up against most NYC bagels these days.

          1. re: NYPORK

            HI, NYPORK:

            East of Redding, California, maybe. But what's 7 degrees of latitude between friends?

            Glad you like Bagel Oasis. Who you like for the Super Bowl?


      2. I agree with JayDK that a combination of DeLaurenti, PFI and Salumi should net you a great majority of the products you might find at a good Italian deli in the Northeast U.S.

        None of these three places will provide the ambiance and "one-stop shopping" that a back-east deli would. And none of these places will serve you an Italian sub/hoagie either*. [Sigh.]

        *Salumi will of course serve you other kinds of delicious sandwiches.

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        1. re: equinoise

          The cafe at DeLaurenti serves some very decent sandwiches and pizza by the slice at lunch ( http://www.delaurenti.com/cafe/menu.html ).