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Jan 16, 2014 03:33 PM

Good Italian Delis in Seattle Area

I would welcome recommendations of any good Italian delis in the Seattle area. North of downtown preferred, but anywhere is fine.

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  1. The closet ones, in my opinion, are 3000 miles east.

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    1. re: NYPORK

      Funny NYPORK.
      I bet you hate Seattle bagels too!
      For Italian delis it takes a little perseverance and travel.
      Here's what I like...
      1. Delaurentis in the Pike Place Market.
      2. PFI near Uwajimaya for groceries.
      3. Salumi for salumi.
      4. Procopio for gelato.
      Outside of Vancouver BC that might be the best you can do is go to various places for their specialties.
      I hope you find one I haven't heard of.

      1. re: NYPORK

        There are Italian delis 150 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia?

        1. re: kaleokahu

          Sorry my bad, 2,857.4 mi East. Love Seattle Bagels
          Best Seattle bagel, Bagel Oasis, put it up against most NYC bagels these days.

          1. re: NYPORK

            HI, NYPORK:

            East of Redding, California, maybe. But what's 7 degrees of latitude between friends?

            Glad you like Bagel Oasis. Who you like for the Super Bowl?


      2. I agree with JayDK that a combination of DeLaurenti, PFI and Salumi should net you a great majority of the products you might find at a good Italian deli in the Northeast U.S.

        None of these three places will provide the ambiance and "one-stop shopping" that a back-east deli would. And none of these places will serve you an Italian sub/hoagie either*. [Sigh.]

        *Salumi will of course serve you other kinds of delicious sandwiches.

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        1. re: equinoise

          The cafe at DeLaurenti serves some very decent sandwiches and pizza by the slice at lunch ( ).