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Sep 21, 2005 02:45 PM

Sassi - recommendations?

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We'll be dining at Sassi next week. Any must-haves or by-all-means-avoids? I don't know anyone who's eaten there, so I'll have to count on you guys to steer me in the right direction.


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  1. Avoid the fish in a bag.

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      Uh. OK. Good advice, I guess.

    2. Aside from alwayshungry’s admonition about avoiding the "fish in a bag" (which I am guessing is a version of poisson en papillote that was not very successful in his/her eyes), doesn't anybody have anything to say else about Sassi? Based on what we’d read in magazines and newspapers – really terrific write-ups – my husband and I picked this place to celebrate the birthdays of two visitors: his sister (71) and her daughter (50).

      I don't know whether the lack of response to my post means that (1) Sassi is an uninteresting restaurant that doesn't inspire comment, either negative or positive, or (2) nobody else has eaten there.

      This will be their first time visting our new home in Phoenix and I hate to waste everyone’s time and appetites - and our money - especially on their birthdays, so would really appreciate some guidance. Have I chosen unwisely?


      1. I took my wife there for our 20th wedding anniversary and we thouroughly enjoyed our meal. Sorry I don't remember specific details of what we ordered, but remember it all being good. I don't think you will be dissapointed taking people there for a special occasion.

        Billy Bob

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          JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

          For one reason or another (likely that the area has foodies out the wazoo and few tried and true Chowhounds), north Scottsdale just doesn't get covered by many people on here. I know that people have talked about it, just not recently.


          1. We were visiting AZ from Boston and went to Sassi a couple of weeks ago - beautiful place. If it's still too hot and the patio isn't open, be sure take a stroll out back - gorgeous view. Not sure this is still going on, but midweek when we went, red and white wines were 50% off and so we enjoyed a wonderful Amarone with our meal. Highlights were the "Affetati Misti" - a platter of mixed house-cured meats. After some coaxing, the testa won over two at the table who had never had it. The whole plate was great. Caprese was simple and highlighted the excellent quality of the heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella (the other couple - "I thought you didn'like tomatoes". "But I didn't know this is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like" ha).

            Other dishes we tried were the very good carbonara (authentic without the cream and with guanciale) and the spiedini - house made sausages. The two favorite dishes were the Gnocchi al Funghi - light fluffy ricotta gnocchi tossed with wild mushrooms - and the orecchiette with rabe and spicy sausage. We were stuffed full but decided to have one dessert for the four of us. The affogato was great, very simple, and a perfect ending to our meal - vanilla gelato with espresso. Oh, and great service too, from the hostess, to the waiters, and sommelier.

            I hope you enjoy your meal as much as we did.