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Sep 18, 2005 01:05 AM

Justin's Ragin' Cajun restaurant in Phoenix

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Does anyone know when or where Justin's Ragin' Cajun will re-open? They used to be at 13416 N. Cave Creek but we stopped there a few weeks ago and a sign on the front door said they'be re-opening soon at a new location.

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  1. i am also anxious to know where they moved to --all i saw was the article in the paper that they were in partnership with someone and planned to open up in north scottsdale in the fall--i keep scanning the internet--their old website is still up--i use to go to their quite a bit and having withdrawl symptoms.

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    1. re: candee

      Withdrawal Symptoms...Same here! If anyone knows anything, please email me!

      1. re: Bob Hertzog

        I've been looking and looking, what is their website? I just saw the post about a new location in n scottsdale in the fall? where can I find more info?

        1. re: joanne

          A website *was* There are a couple of entries in Google's cache, from Sept/Oct 2005 (as of this writing), but, the site does not appear to be online. The domain expires relatively soon.

    2. I saw the new Ragin Cajun restaurant will be on 94th ave and Mcdowell, across from the General Dynamics facility. It appears that they are currently in the process of upgrading the building and is yet to open as of Aug. 31. I look forward to checking this place out.

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      1. re: bsdunlop

        That would not be associated with the old Justin's Ragin Cajun as the original owner has relocated to another city. He is an old friend of mine. The place in north Scottsdale never materialized. I miss that place as much as anyone. It was heads and tails above Baby Kay's.

      2. This place is better than Baby Kay's? I've never heard of it- looking forward to giving it a shot when/if open again

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        1. re: cactuschowdah

          Unfortunately, Justin's has been gone for some time.

          It was once located on Cave Creek Rd, just a few miles up from us.

          When we moved to AZ, Miss Kay was still running Baby Kay, and it was a very close call between the two. Then, the sons took over Baby Kay, and though they tried, it just never quite made it, for us. Justin's was better, food wise, but we found it a bit loud.

          As my wife is a 3rd generation New Orleans Native, and I am from near-by, we know our NOLA cuisine, and have good experience with Cajun cuisine (there is some cross-over, and a few similarities, but they are different cuisines). We enjoyed both, while they were "on their game." We probably split about 50-50, back then. Justin's closed, Miss Kay ceased to be a factor, and we sort of went elsewhere.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            So where is your go-to place for cajun around these parts, Bill?

            1. re: cactuschowdah

              That is a good question.

              We travel to NOLA several times per year, so I would say Bon Ton, but that would not help folk in PHX. Otherwise, I'd say my hose, but again, does not help, and we are most often gone, so it helps even less.

              In PHX, which is obviously the question, I do not have a go-to Cajun restaurant.



              1. re: Bill Hunt

                My beloved is from Baton Rouge. Like you, we primarily get our fix at home. If we find ourselves in the west valley (which is rare), we're always sure to stop at Flavors of Louisiana. They are from Baton Rouge as well, and really know how to work a roux.

                1. re: grrlscout

                  i prefer flavors of louisiana to baby kay's when in need a fix, but neither compares to what i can cook at home. though the owners of flavors and i share the same distinctively-cajun last name :)

                  you might also check out some of the events put on by the phoenix chapter of the lsu alumni association. i know they do a mardi gras dinner and crawfish boil, among other things.

                  1. re: grrlscout

                    Thank you for that mention. I was totally unaware of Flavors of Louisiana. When in the West Valley, we will give them a try.