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Sep 14, 2005 08:43 PM

Phoenix pizza

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Good pizza in Phoenix besides Pizzeria Bianco?

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    Classic Italian Pizza in Tempe has a couple of excellent pizzas on their menu. If you're in the mood for New York style then Santisi Brothers in north Phoenix is great. Sicilian crust, then La Famiglia in Chandler is excellent. They also do a mean stromboli, and their New York style is very good too.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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    1. re: IamJacksBrain

      I don't live in that area, but my son went to medical school in the area. When I go to a new city, I always seek out the best pizza. Hope I remember the name of this place, I am pretty sure it was called Ralph's or Ralph's something and it was on 59th just south of Bell in Glendale. Their salads and dressing are excellent too. You can dine in or carry out. Let me know if anyone has been there and what you think.

      1. re: cheri

        The pizza place you are thinking of is Ray's; and it is on the NE corner of 59th and Greenway. The staff is largely Albanian and the cuisine is mostly Northern Italian. Their Neopolitan style pizza is what I grew up on so I can't claim objectivity; but I will say it is great. The BEST pizza in Phoenix however is Pizzaria Bianco. Hands down. It is sublime.

        1. re: wateriswet

          No, actually this is the place I was talking about:

          Ralph's LA Hacienda Pizzeria
          15236 N 59TH Ave (south of Bell)
          Glendale, AZ
          Phone: (602) 978-2780

          Great pizza and salads!

      2. re: IamJacksBrain

        I tried Classic Italian Pizza for the first time last night - I'd been meaning to for ages. It was very good. I had a pizza with ham, mushrooms and egg (?) on it. Perfectly crispy, not greasy. My dining partner and I polished off the whole thing. The only disappointment was the caprese salad before the pizza. The basil was really bitter and threw off the flavor of the whole thing. But I will defintely be back.

        1. re: cowateni

          I'm a big CIP fan, but I agree with your assessment. CIP does great pizzas -- as good as Bianco in my opinion, but without the arduous wait for a table. The restaurant is not as strong, however, with salads. Those seems a litte more prosaic with less attention to ingredient quality. Did you try any desserts? I've found those quite good at CIP.

          Classic Italian Pizza
          1054 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

          1. re: silverbear

            I did try the tiramisu. I found it be delicious. I'm embarrased to say that my favorite tiramisu is from bucca di beppo, though, so I'm obviously not an expert.

            1. re: silverbear

              ooo how did you do that little trick silver?

              1. re: abbefaith

                You mean the little balloon icon with the restaurant's name and address? Just use the "Link to a place BETA" link when replying to a post or starting a new topic. It's a new feature on Chowhound.

                1. re: silverbear

                  hehe yes i figured it out after i commented. pretty cool! thanks!

        2. My failsafe is Florencia The Pizza Bistro in Ahwatukee.

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          1. re: themis

            Florencia is our favorite too, we love the Tuscany.

            1. re: firecooked

              I third Florencia. Their Margarita is the best I've had!

          2. j
            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            Iamjacksbrain got to Classic Italian before I did, so... I enjoy the occasional pizza from Oregano's, but there is always a wait (but not as bad as at Bianco's). Start out with any appetizer that comes with marinara for dipping (the calamari is good *most* of the time), their marinara is so good I've been tempted to have an appetizer of nothing more than a side of marinara and a spoon. With the pizzas, go for the thin crust if you like to have just a few toppings, the stuffed pizza if you want to pile 'em on; thin crust gets soggy when weighted down with too much of a good thing, and if you don't have a bunch of toppings in the stuffed pizza it feels like you're eating just a ginormous chunk of melted mozzarella.

            And you *must* have a pizzookie for dessert. It is a very serious contender for Best Dessert In Arizona. It's so simple- cookie dough (chocolate chip or white chocolate/macadamia) pressed into a pizza pan, baked until the bottom is dark brown and caramelized but the top is still gooey, then topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips. It's a dessert that you just want to relax and savor, but if you do that everyone else in your dining party is going to scarf it down like a pack of hungry wolverines.


            1. Am I the only one in town that thinks Bianco is overrated? It's good, but nothing close to the press they get. I like Classic Italian Pizza and Sanguini's (in far-east Mesa) better. Actually Sanguini's temporarily closed to switch locations, and I haven't heard their status for a while.

              I also love Oregano's (and their Pizookies), NYPD Pizza, Famous Ray's (N. Scottsdale), La Famiglia, and Patsy Grimaldi's. For delivery, I call the nearest Rosati's which is pretty good for a low-cost chain.

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              1. re: inkling

                We agree with you that Bianco is fine, but not worth all the hype -- we don't get the "best in America" designation.

                1. re: Sarah C

                  When my wife or I mention our attitude toward Bianco, people look at us as if we've committed blasphemy or something. Lighten up, people -- it's good, but it's just pizza! (and Classic Italian is better! :-)

                2. re: inkling
                  Darrin Chandler

                  You like Sanguini's better? Really? I had high hopes, and loved the idea of an Italian Grocery and Pizza joint close to my house (before they moved). But I found their pies mediocre, and the service was horrible. The groceries were dusty and overpriced.

                  I really thought Pizzeria Bianco was excellent pizza, but tastes vary. *I* think Oregano's is overrated, though pretty good.

                  1. re: Darrin Chandler

                    Maybe a lot of it is personal taste. Sanguini's Margherita Pizza was one of the finest pies I've ever had. It was a wacky little market though -- do you know if they've relocated yet? I'm in Dobson Ranch, so it's a bit of a hike for me to get to that part of town.

                    And don't get me wrong about Bianco's -- I do like it a lot, but their press seems so excessive to me.

                    1. re: inkling

                      When his rent went up, Sanguini relocated once, to a second Mesa location (it was quite hidden). When I drove out to Mesa to try his place, he was loading boxes into a moving truck. He said he'd consistently lost money the last few years and he was moving the wholesale business to Snowflake. I gave him my name and email for a mailing list he was putting together and never heard from him.

                  2. re: inkling

                    Finally someone has the cajones to admit that Bianco is overrated. All the hype leads to the illusion that it's the best. My favorite is Nello's for their sauce and selection of toppings. It's just too bad they are closed Sun-Mon.

                    1. re: ginael

                      Hmmm. "Finally"? That post is over 3 years old now.

                      I like Nello's too, but it is a different style of pizza. I expect that a lot of people prefer one style over another, but trying to set up a dichotomous comparison ("the best" vs. "the rest") across styles doesn't necessarily make sense to me.

                  3. Three Recomendations and sorry to say that they are not in the east valley as so many others are.

                    1. La Grande Orange 40th and Campbell
                    2. Red Devil 28th and Mcdowell
                    3. Grazi- Scottsdale