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Sep 12, 2005 03:46 AM

New Asian market in North Phoenix?

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I don't know if this should be in a general discussion forum...
I heard from a coworker about a new Asian market similar to a LeeLee's located "on Bell Road". I was on Bell doing errands today and did not see it. I know there's a new big one on Glendale and 43rd Ave, but that's a hike for me. Thanks!

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  1. It's called Asiana Market, and it's located on the NW corner of 43rd Avenue and Union Hills. I think it's a sister store to the their place at Southern/Dobson in Mesa. Not nearly as large as Lee Lee's, but still a pretty good size. I've been there a few times already, and they had some great Asian furniture as well.

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      I live 2 miles from this new store, and after tallying up only 3 items I regularly purchase in my cart I was waay past the gas/.50 per mile bit I use to calculate if it's worth a darn. No fresh fish/seafood that I saw, but prices were soooo outrageous that we just left our cart, got the kids an ice cream and left.

      Ranch 99, even though they've increased prices as well was %30-%60+ less...

      and I didn't see anything there that they didn't have at Ranch99 except for the furniture - which *is* pretty cool :-)

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        I finally found this place after trying to follow some spotty directions from a guy at work who told me about it. Was specifically looking for something that gets taken away every time I find a source for it.

        Eel bowl. Something frozen and microwavable that I can pack to work for lunch.

        For a while I was able to get the "una-don" from a company called Ajinomoto at New Tokyo Food Market (35th Ave and Northern), and then it just disappeared (along with the same company's chicken curry bowl)! Did without for a while and found another brand in the freezer case at Lee Lee's, but about a year ago they quit carrying any sort of frozen rice bowls at all. So I had high hopes for this new place.

        No luck on the eel, but I did find a few other varieties that I'll check out in the coming days. In the meantime, where the heck am I supposed to get eel bowl? Even the sushi "express" places don't seem to have it on the menu any more.

    2. Sorry, no Asian market on Glendale and 43rd Ave. We live nearby and just took another pass at the intersection in case we'd missed something, but the only market on that corner is a Food City.

      There is a pretty big Asian market on 67th Ave. and -- ?? Indian School, I think. It's not new, but it is pretty well stocked. Also there is a big Philippino market on Dunbar a few blocks west of I-17, and they carry quite a few Asian things.

      I will have to check out the new one on 43rd and Union Hills.

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        Well, while trying to find this new Asian market which I later found out *is* Asiana on Union Hills/43rd Ave (my coworker was a skosh off on the Bell Road bit), I gave up and headed back to the Korean markets I go to at the Dunlap/43rd Ave area, near Takamatsu. The one called simply "Korean Market" on the SE corner of Dunlap/43rd was selling okdomgui, which was the best meal I had in Korea. Okdom is a bony fish similar to red snapper served lightly breaded. Delicate flavor, flaky, messy to eat but worth the work. I have never seen it there before, so it may be a seasonal thing. This is good stuff!