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Aug 10, 2005 09:15 PM

Provo/Orem, Utah Mexican Las Tarascas

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Hi all -

I am frequent user of the chowhound message board and when I had one night to spend in Orem- I went directly to this site.
This directed me to Las Tarascas on University Parkway in Provo (near Albertsons). I am a Mexican food freak and this restaurant made me want to move up here. I had a cheese enchilada which was not served in what we Americans think of as enchiladas. They dip the corn tortilla in a wonderful roja sauce and fold it than top it with cojita cheese, a sour cream sauce and lettuce. SCRUMPTOUS. I was also given a special salsa to go with the enchilada and it was not too spicy and lots of wonderful flavors. I also had a fish taco which was fried but crispy/light and not greasy. Pickled onion on top and a wonderful sauce that I can't begin to describe but it was delicious. The dish is served with the traditional Mexican potatoes not rice and beans. The owner Alfonso and his wife bring everything in fresh and what they can't find in the States they fly in.

So please go try it out. I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Thank you so much for this recommendation. It saved me as I was stuck in Orem for work a few days ago thinking I would be relegated to eating at one of the awful chains there. The enchiladas rojas were wonderful, as were the crispy, spicy fried potatoes on the side. The service is also extremely friendly and welcoming. I will definitely be going back.

    1. I also tried out Las Tarascas and was hooked! Very good food, and authentic. I also was very surprised at how "at home" I felt as Alfonso actually sat at my table to help me figure out what I would really enjoy from their menu.

      Since then, I have also used them for catering! One thing I like about their food (and about Alfonso) is that he is willing to help me meet my dieting needs. Was more than happy to modify a couple of dishes so that I wouldn't be breaking my regime.

      1. Unfortunately, it looks like Las Tarascas is now gone. I drove past it last week, and it's been replaced by some generic fresh-Mex type place. I don't know whether they've shut down or just moved elsewhere.

        I wasn't a huge fan of LT - I found the food a bit too mild for my tastes - but I liked that it was a refreshing break from the horde of Cafe Rio/Chipotle clones that have decended on the area like a plague of blandified and homogenized locusts.