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Aug 6, 2005 05:40 PM

Best Phoenix Thai

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Anything better in the Phoenix area; AZ, for that matter, than Swadee on Linda Vista in Scottsdale?
I'm looking for really good Thai food, but haven't found anything in this state that compares with some of the Thai restaurants in California.

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  1. Hi,

    Have you tried Thai Lhana on 38th St and Indian School? it is my fave in the vally (even over Swadee.

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    1. re: Leanne
      Seth Chadwick

      I think Thai Lhana has some great Thai food to offer. Good extensive menu. Service is spotty, but the food is terrific, IMO.


      1. re: Seth Chadwick

        Thanks, Leanne and Seth, will definitely give that one a try!

        1. re: Snort

          And, I hear great things about Thai Rama on 12th Ave and Camelback. I love Thai Lhana too, so haven't tried Thai Rama yet. Let us know.

          1. re: Gayle

            I've tried Thai Rama on Camelback, and can't recommend it. One (lunch) visit was enough for me: Dirty restaurant, dreadful eats. It's been years since I've been to Thai Lama and I'd love to find out it's improved -- and I've heard that it has, so please get back to us. I've visited many of the other Thai places around town, and must say my preference is Swadee (esp. the Scottsdale location); but will admit its not comparable to many CA Thai restaurants.

            1. re: jkgourmet

              JK, my bf went to Thai Rama last week for lunch and raved about it. I'll try to hit it soon and get back.

              1. re: Gayle

                If I win the lottery at some point, I'm buying you all a dinner at either "Chillies Paste" in Fremont (Seattle) or "Your Place" in Santa Barbara.
                In the meantime I'll stick with non-Thai certainties such as Los Sombreros in Scottsdale.

      2. re: Leanne

        I'm sorry folks, Thai Lhana is *not* good Thai food. It is to Thai food what Chili's is to Tex-Mex -- passable, but neither original nor remarkable. Thai Lhana would go out of business if it were in L.A. or San Francisco.

        Oh for some good larb...

      3. d
        Darrin Chandler

        I'm quite fond of Royal Thai Grill (x-roads: 202 & 87 in Mesa). The cook has a very nice touch with the seasonings. See my short review at the link below.

        Royal Thai Grill
        321 W. McKellips Rd #103
        Mesa AZ 85201


        1. I have always enjoyed Mint Thai in Gilbert!

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          1. re: Billy Bob

            I second the vote for Mint Thai. I'm also quite partial to Thai Lhana.

          2. i

            I haven't eaten at Swadee, but Benjarong in Mesa has been the best Thai restaurant I've run across. Much of their menu, excluding the curries, is great.

            1. thai rama in chandler.