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Aug 1, 2005 11:52 AM

Suggestions in Tucson?

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I'm heading to Tucson all week for work. I don't spend too much time in Tucson, so any suggestions you have would be helpful. I'll be staying at the Hilton El Conquistador all week, but I'll be all over town during the day, so I'm open to all areas of town. I particularly love all ethnic food. Using the expense account, so I can get TOO out of hand. Would love great lunch and casual dinner options. Keep in mind that I'll be dining alone, so places that I can eat at the bar are good choices. Thanks in advance, Gayle

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  1. J Bar at the Westin La Paloma is a good choice; really nice Southwestern food, and there is a bar option.

    1. We liked Cocoyaya in January -- web site is below. I had the chicken poblano pasta which is apparently available only on weekends, but the menu shows some other interesting choices.


      1. Cafe Terracotta is good for lunch--southwestern cuisine. Very pretty locale. Good desserts. Dinner can be pricey, but lunch is fairly reasonable.

        Janos at the Westin La Paloma is also good, but quite expensive.

        For Mexican, I like Micha's on 4th Ave. Great breakfast and very inexpensive.

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          Tha Groovin' Gourmet

          If you've never been, El Charro (the original downtown) is worth a visit.
          Though it has its naysayers around here, I eat there frequently and have never been disappointed with the food. Service tends to lean towards the lax side, though. Best carne seca in town. I've dined there mostly as a single without a problem. There is a bar, but it's pretty much a holding tank for those waiting for a table.

          I also enjoy John Jacob's El Parador. The setting is just lovely...very much an oasis in the desert. Food is upscale Sonoran-style, and everything I've had there is excellent. Service has ranged from amateurish to excellent. If you drink beer be sure to check your tab. For some reason their computer spits out a higher price than the beer list.

          Cafe Poca Cosa is legendary amongst 'hounds, though I have yet to experience it. I do believe it will be on the must list my next trip (whenever it cools down a bit).

          For breakfast or lunch you might try Beyond Bread on N. Campbell. Not sure if it is a chain, but it is outstanding. Morning pastries are all exquisite, and the breads all looked totally scrumptious.

          Sincerely hoping that should you follow any of the above it will turn
          out better than your lunch at Salsa Brava. I've got a reputation to uphold, though whether it is good or bad I'm not sure!

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            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            Beyond Bread has just the two locations. The original location was across the street from where they are now, but they outgrew that location long before they moved. Everything I have had there is ridiculously good, and their croissants are the best this side of the Seine.


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              Are you for real? I think you need to do a little more traveling.

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              Thanks for the suggestions y'all...keep 'em comin'.

            3. Up on Oracle at Magee (could be McGee - about a mile north of Ina) is the Metro Grill. I used to eat there on Monday night's at the bar (former commuter). I really likes the Quesadilla and the Cobb salad with Sun Dried Tomato vinegarette. Bar is small, about 12 seats, but bartenders were generally chatty and I always felt comfortable dining alone. Likewise Gavi at the Foothills Mall (outside entrance on the north east side of the Mall) has a small bar that I have dined at as well. One more thing at Magee and Oracle is the Village Bake Shop - also a good pastry stop in the morning.