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Aug 1, 2005 10:31 AM

Cyclo Vietnamese, Chandler AZ

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First-rate Vietnamese, best I've had in Phoenix. Tried the Banh Xeo, a shrimp and pork-filled 'crepe', really almost an omelette, lots of sprouts and greenery too. Outstanding! My wife had the Thai beef salad, very good. BYOB.

The owner's daughter(?) was chatting with her girlfriends at the table behind us, and the kitchen misdirected an order of spring rolls to our table. She insisted we try them, and they were very tasty. A charming young woman. Oh, and it's pronounced "seek-lo", a la francais, for the old pedicab out front.

Folks, this is a classic ethnic Chowhound find -- cheap, friendly and very, very good food. Worth a detour if you're passing through PHX. A "Nikki's Pick" in Phoenix magazine.

1919 W Chandler Blvd, near the new 101 loop Fwy. 963-4490

Happy eating,
Pete Tillman

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  1. Peter, that was probably Justina. She's the owner, about 30 years old. She's a complete hoot.

    Glad you liked it, it's one of my favorite places! Next time, get the spicy green bean side dish, it's delish!

    1. This place is a gem, and I wish they'd stop writing it up, it's going to start getting too crowded. The spicy green beans are one of their best dishes, along with the crispy noodles and the tamarind short ribs. I'm torn between always ordering these and resolving to try something new at each visit.

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        Darrin Chandler

        I've read about Cyclo on a couple of times, and this post reminded me again, so my wife and I went last night.

        I stupidly forgot all about the BYOB. My bad...

        The food was delicious!

        The service stank! It wasn't at all crowded, and they seemed to have enough staff. I don't get it. Anyone else here have comments about the service at Cyclo? Was it just a bad night?

        More details at the link below.


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          I don't really consider Cyclo a Vietnamese restaurant since their menu is generally Asian, but the service really is typical of a Vietnamese restaurant (meaning it's pretty bad, and the food gets sent out when it's ready whether it's an appetizer or entree).

          I've gotten used to it so it doesn't bother me.

        2. suspect the "owner's daughter" you are referring to was, in fact, the owner herself, Justine. About thirty, very pretty, VERY chatty, very hip (every newspaper uses this term for her, and I must agree). Some think she's over the top, some find her annoying, some think she's charming. I find the food excellent, the service usually just acceptable, avoid the place when very crowded as the service gets out of control. But I do enjoy the food - esp. that crepe and the other appetizers. We usually just make a meal of them, and maybe one noodle entree.

          1. I was very excited to try this restaurant, but was disappointed. I didn't find the food extremely authentic. It's more of a pan-Vietnamese restaurant.

            My favorite Vietnamese restaurant is Pho Bang---get #35 marinated thinly-sliced beef & shrimp that you grill at your own table. Put deliciously fresh cilantro, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. to make your own summer rolls. It is fabulous!