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Jul 31, 2005 09:25 AM

Camino Real, Deming, NM

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This clean, friendly Mexican place makes a nice break from the long drive on I-10 across southern NM. I stopped for lunch last week: good shredded-beef tacos, nice, creamy refritos, very good chips & salsa. Popular place, with good reason. It's in west Deming on the main drag, diagonally across from the Sonic drivein and 1 blk W of McDonalds.

Note that the Deming Truck Terminal at the west Deming exit usually has the best gas price along this stretch. And, if you've never gone to the Deming-Luna-Mimbres museum, you should.

Happy eating,
Pete Tillman

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  1. Peter,
    Thanks for the tips. I'll be heading down that way soon and will check it out.

    1. I just visited this restaurant on my tour through the southwest. I don't know if it has moved since this original post but it is now located right next to the Sonic.

      I had the deluxe combination and was impressed with all the food. The plate included a chile relleno, a cheese enchilada, a tamale, a ground beef taco, and a scoop of "chile con carne" which was pork stewed in green chiles until soft, succulent, and ready to shred. A big platter of food for about $9.

      The chips and salsa were delicious. The salsa had a good spice level.

      I enjoyed the food so much I stopped there again on my way back west.

      1. And noting that the Deming Truck Terminal serves a special menu - Indian food because its a Sikh owned business.