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Jul 28, 2005 07:44 PM


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Has anyone tried Sassi in North Phoenix?

Billy Bob

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  1. Hi Billy.

    We vacation in AZ every summer (in fact, we are heading there on Thursday) and we tried Sassi last summer. From what I remember the food was good and the service was fabulous. Not a bad wine list either.

    Give it a shot. Nice atmosphere.

    Sorry I can't offer more detail but my memory doesn't go back that far...

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    1. re: SF Chow-her

      Thanks for your reply. Apparently no one in the valley has tried it ;-).

      Billy Bob

      1. re: Billy Bob

        I was hoping for more responses too Billy Bob - I think we're going to Sassi in September (planned on Binkley's but they're on vacation then).