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Jan 16, 2014 02:59 PM

Chicken and dumplings

Any where around middlesex or monmouth county to get chicken and dumplings? (Besides Cracker Barrel)

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  1. Although it is slightly south of Monmouth Co, The Atlanta Bread Company in Brick has old fashioned Chicken and Dumplings on the menu. I have not tried it, but I have eaten other items on their menu at the Parsippany location and the food was pretty good for a chain place. Another option not too far from you is Dinner in a Pinch in Cranford, it is a take out service, but the food is delicious. Having spent several years living in the south I am well versed in classic C&D and I did enjoy Dinner in a Pinch's version, though it is a variation on the classic.

    Have you tried making it? It really is quite easy, and I'd be happy to share the recipe I got from a wonderful elderly neighbor of mine when I was down south :-)

    1. Update: Daughter just told me that when she went to Atlanta Bread Co last week they had changed their menu, she was not sure if Chicken and Dumplings was still on it, so call before visiting.

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        I couldn't find mention of it on their website.

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          I was at the Atlanta Bread Company on 37w in Toms River on Monday with my father for lunch. They had it on the menu then as a soup. Based on the cream of chicken soup I had, I wouldn't hold out much hope that the chicken dumpling would be much better. I had only been to this location one other time approximately a year ago, but was taken back by how dingy the place currently appeared.