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Worcester Area - Butcher recommendations

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  • mvlee Jan 16, 2014 02:43 PM
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Looking for Butcher recommendations. Would be interested in the standard cuts as well as odd ball. For instance, pork butt, duck legs, pork belly etc.

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  1. Worcester MA, area for clarification

    1. Leroux's meats in Holden MA? I don't eat meat but know the family and would suggest you give it a go. Mom loves their Polish sausage. She also goes to Tom's on Water Street I think? Fairway Beef is popular.

      1. Mekong Market on Main Street is an Asian market that always has fresh pork belly available, and usually duck. If you ask at the fish counter they'll find the butcher and he'll get you whatever you need.

        1. We are west of Worcester so we use Stearns for our butcher needs, and they have the best sausage that I have found in Central Mass to boot!