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Jun 30, 2005 06:12 PM

$7.77 Steak and shrimp gambler special at Hard Rock - bleah

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A few people here, a lot of people at alt.vacation.las-vegas, and several other internet sources report of the off-the-menu "Gambler's Special" for $7.77 at Mr. Lucky's in Hard Rock Hotel. It sounded pretty good at 1am, so I decided to try it.

It does come with a salad, which was pretty simple greens a few stale croutons and some tomatoes. The steak is a flat New York strip, there are some mashed potatoes, and three shrimp on a skewer.


The strip steak wasn't the medium rare I asked for, and quite tough. The the shrimp dosen't seem like they had been seasoned at all.

Well, I guess you get what you pay for. But never again!

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  1. There was a steak and eggs special at the Palms that kicked butt. Not there I think was in their coffeeshop/24 hour cafe thing.

    1. I agree with your description. ... The most overrated "secret" special in Vegas. Steak and shrimp are both very ordinary. ... By contrast Ellis Island, a hop skip and a jump away, has an incredible complete steak dinner, complete with salad, potato, veggie and a high-caliber cut of meat for $4.99. ... You won't find the eye candy at Ellis Island that you'll find at Mr. Lucky's, but the food is on a different level. ... $1 microbrews don't hurt the case either. ;)

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        David Feldman

        And don't forget the root beer at Ellis Island.

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          That's right, Dave ... Root beer is excellent as well.