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Jun 26, 2005 12:39 PM

LOS and Taxis

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Is it a problem getting a taxi from Lotus of Siam back to the strip? The getting there is not the problem it is the return that I am concern about. Any advice/thoughts...

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  1. Not a problem. LOS staff will call one for you.


    1. No problem, whatsover. Simply ask one of the staff, and they will call a cab for you. Usuually there within ten minutes.

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        torta basilica

        Ummmm... there were 6 of us & we had a problem after a late lunch one day. Waited & waited & waited.... Bang (I think -it's been awhile) finally piled us into his car & drove us home!

        1. thought i'd bump this thread up, i didn't see it when i was doing research prior to my meal at LOS recently. we took a cab there for a late lunch, but when we were paying the bill and the restaurant called for a cab, we were told it would take at least 30min for it to arrive so make sure to plan enough time (or maybe one can specify the pickup time when calling early enough!)

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            We purposefully wore comfy shoes and walked all the way back to the luxor--4.8 miles. It was a delightful way to work off some of that fabulous and excessive meal!

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              under normal circumstances, i would have walked too. in fact, we did walk as far as the sahara before we caved and went in to catch a cab, most of us weren't dressed warmly enough and the sun was hiding behind the clouds too much of the time.