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Jun 25, 2005 11:19 AM

Phoenix kolaches?

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Does anyone know anywhere in the Phoenix metro that sells kolaches? Was a staple for me in Texas and I cannot seem to find them anywhere.

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  1. I don't, but I'm sure I remember something in the food section of the AZ Republic fairly recently about this. Suggest you go to their website and do a search on the word.

    1. Being of Polish decent these were a staple in my house growing up as well. So besides making them for you :-) there is a great bakery ran by a polish family on 16th St and Maryland simply called European Bakery. It is in a strip mall in the same plaza as 16th St. Sports Bar. Karsh's also sells them but I prefer the ones at the European Bakery. Enjoy!

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      1. re: Leanne

        +1 for the Europa Pastry Cafe at 16th St N of Maryland. Still going strong & delicious.

        1. re: scaheld

          Thank you! I didnt know about this place. I will be going and trying it!!!! :)

      2. There is ONE place in the entire city that makes kolaches. They have a sign out front that says "Texas Kolaches". They are decent, NOT as good as the ones at home (I am from Texas also), but they fit the bill when you are having a craving.

        Rainbow Donuts Cafe

        8714 N 7th St
        Phoenix, AZ 85020

        (602) 216-0766

        1. I saw the Texas Kolache at Rainbow Donuts, it looked good, but I didn't try it... what is it anyway? Wikipedia is telling me that a kolache is a fruit-filled pastry... but the ones at Rainbow had a sausage in it. Is the sausage what makes it a "Texas" kolache

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            A kolache is a glorified pig in a blanket. Its sausage and a special kind of dough that when combined is soooo good. Its a Czechoslovakian pastry - and very popular in the South, Texas namely. You should try the ones at Rainbow if you have never had one before. They are good.

            1. re: augren

              If that's the kolache you're looking for, you may want to call Europa Pastry Cafe before going. I'm only familiar with fruit or cheese-filled versions.

              1. re: augren

                That's interesting! I am in Chicago, which has more Polish residents than any city on earth but Warsaw, and plenty of residents of other Slavic origins, and we are wall-to-wall with kolachkys here, but I have never seen one with sausage. Here, kolachkys are one of two kinds: 1) a short pastry, usually cut square with a blob of jam or fruit filling or cheese filling in the middle then two edges brought together over it or 2) a yeast dough cut in small rounds with blob of filling in the middle, like a miniature Danish pastry. I know recipes for both are online but I can provide recipes if anybody wants them.

              2. re: AppleEye

                When I was in college in central Texas (25 miles down the road from the site of a big kolache festival), kolaches were often served at events as part of the coffee and pasty service. Those kolaches were generally fruit- or cheese-filled, sort of resembling small danishes in form, but with a spongy/bready kind of dough instead of the flaky pastry you find in danishes.

                Actually, I was kind of disappointed when I saw that Rainbow didn't have the fruit-filled versions I remembered from my salad days.

                1. re: AppleEye

                  Rainbow has "Texas"/sausage kolaches now that I don't live in Phoenix anymore?!?! BAH. They are one of the things I always longed for but could never find (tho' I think that Europa had the fruity kind, or something similar).

                  Now if only I could find a place to get them here in Seattle....

                  1. re: Bax

                    Yes :) I scoured the city for them when I first moved here. When I went in and talked to the guy, he said he had lived or visited Galveston and gotten them then, and brought the recipe back and decided to sell them in his shop. He is VERY proud of them, about 2.79 per opposed to only 1.60 at home. The day I went he had 7 of them left. I bought them Am headed to Vegas in April and found ONE donut shop there that just opened in January that sells them. According to the reviews, they taste like Texas ones.

                    1. re: augren

                      Soooo envious....

                      During my time in Phoenix (18 yrs) there was briefly an outlet of a chain called (if I remember correctly) Kolache Factory up at Shea & Tatum...visited once and then it was gone. Guess the Phoenix metroplex wasn't ready for TX kolaches (at least not a place devoted to them).

                      1. re: Bax

                        I actually saw that listed in the yellow pages when I first got here. Called and it was disconnected and closed. That was when my search for the other place began. I had been here a few months and was craving

                  2. re: AppleEye

                    The kolache was originally a fruit-filled pastry, as you say. However, in certain parts of eastern Texas it has gone native and is commonly filled with sausages, jalapeno cheese, chorizo, and all manner of other Southwestern ingredients, as well as the more traditional sweet varieties. In other words, "Texas kolache" has a different meaning than the original "kolache."

                  3. The original comment has been removed