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Has anyone had lunch at Bouchon before? What is their menu like at lunch? Thanks.

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  1. It is not open for lunch - only breakfast and dinner.

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      it is open for lunch on weekends

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        And the weekend lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu. It can be viewed online via Thomas Keller's French Laundry Web site.
        Four of us had Sunday lunch there recently and loved every bit of the experience.

    2. Staying at Venetian this weekend....want to eat here. What's a must have?

      1. I loved the croque madame - ask for the heart
        attack special and get extra sauce. The fries
        are wonderful and even better with the sauce.

        1. Yeah, I want to try the fries that made Bourdain tremble with fear! Good that they serve the Croque Madame for breakfast...

          is it a good place for a solo diner? Do they have a bar area?

          1. They have a bar area, but tables are fine for solo diners as well. I've eaten breakfast at Bouchon 9 or 10 times, and always sit at a table. Dinner is also fine for solo diners.

            For breakfast, my favorite is boudin blanc and eggs. It's a large, soft, acidic sausage - strange to some but delicious to me. If you see a special of steak hash, that's another winner. Oh, and don't forget the pastries!

            The one year old note from Lou, above, stated that the weekend lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu. It's possible this has changed. A couple of weeks ago, I contacted the Venetian, asking for a lunch menu. They emailed it to me, and it's a limited menu, offering a few things from the breakfast menu and a few things from (or similar to) the dinner menu. Croque Madame is one of the items offered.

            1. Bouchon (Napa) has a great lunch on weekends as noted. Last time there I had the best calves liver I've ever tasted. My wife thought it was great and she doesn't even like liver.

              Frites are the best.

              1. Been to Bouchon many times for dinner.. the food is awesome! If you're feeling like you'd like to spoil yourself, try the foie terrine, just out this world.. though I would use the epi bread rather then the toast planks that come with it.. a glass of Riesling or other sweeter wine add a really great contrast!

                On a down note each time we've been there the service has been spotty.. the sommelier was very high on himself and not to friendly.

                Good luck!!

                1. yeah, had lunch here....service was indeed spotty if not confused.

                  had the moule frittes...wasn't feeling steak or the croque madam.....not bad, not outstanding...just basic bistro food....no better than the moule frittes that I've had in Belgium or france. But not bad nonetheless...nice atmosphere though. Fries were ok....not mindblowing.

                  1. LOVE the croque madame and highly recommend the extra sauce. I have ordered this at other restaurants and none compare. The service was excellent and the breakfast was outstanding. My friend had the french toast I believe...excellent.

                    1. i'ma try that next tiem....i didn't want anything really greasy as I had a muffin for breakfast a few hours earlier....

                      do the fries have a sauce? i asked for garlic aioli, but the server didn't seem to know anything about that.

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                        The sauce comes on the croque madame, I just
                        enjoy dipping the fries in it.