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bang-for-the-buck LV steakhouse - Circus Circus Steakhouse?

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We're going to Las Vegas, normally, we like trying out the really high end steakhouses like Delmonico in Venetian, Prime in Bellagio, and a disappointing meal in at Charlie Palmer's at the Four Seasons.

Review of Charlie Palmer at http://www.chowhound.com/southwest/bo...

This time we're going to be a budget minded, in consideration to a few members of our group. We still want to go to a decent steakhouse, not the $5.95 NY steak at the casino coffeeshop type. But a real sit steakhouse where they offer a selection of cuts of decent size/thickness, quality meat, and attention to cooking.

I've heard that The Steakhouse in Circus Circus is a bit sleeper of a place. They are supposed to have good steaks at a very reasonable price, but I'm wary of my sources.

Has anyone been here? I can't find an online menu, and I'd know the prices. My second choice would be Mon Ami Gabi, which seems to have decent prices on steaks ($19.95 - $28.95). Can anyone compare the two?


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  1. Can't help with the comparision, and I'm looking forward to the replies as we were looking for something like what you are describing for our next visit. I can, however, assure you that the steak eaters will be paying the upper range at Mon Ami Gabi -- and they'll enjoy every bite. But the $19.99 steaks are hanger steaks - thin cuts that even the server warned us against. Good lunch choice, but not what most are looking for in a steak for dinner. The meal was delicious at Mon Ami Gabi, the service perfect, and worth every penny. But it's not a bargain, except perhaps by LV standards.

    1. Several cabbies and casino employees have mentioned that the Circus Circus steakhouse is a favorite of the locals. Good prices and solid servings of quality meat is what I've been told.

      I've never been there, but may get around to it one of these days.

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        We go to the CC Steakhouse whenever we are in Vegas. One of the Best deals for fine Dry Aged Prime Meat, very relaxed Corkage policy(I've never been charged). One time a very casually dressed family sat down next to us with cranky kids. One look at the menu and they realized steaks were more than 5- (24-32) they got up and left. Same Chef for 20yrs. Great Place!

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          By far the BEST steakhouse for the money.

      2. I haven't tried it yet myself but enough people at sites such as lasvegasadvisor.com and lasvegastalk.com have raved about it and have also eaten at places that I have eaten at such as Mon Ami Gabi and Delmonicos that I would easily go there to try it out. Also, they talk about the Sunday brunch being excellent with your regular brunch items available as well as a steak, etc. cooked to order which for some people would be the best of both worlds. (There are three seatings for brunch - they say you need reservations.)

        1. Ate there last August w/another couple. Our first time there and all 4 of us thought it was wonderful. The food was delicious, the service was good...we even liked the way the coffee was served at the end of the meal..with different sprinkles, etc. to sweeten.

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            Could you tell me the approximate cost of the steaks? It wasn't a la carte was it?

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              Circus Circus Steakhouse is extremely over-rated and expensive! You can get better steak for less at Peter Luger's in NYC. But if you are looking for steak in Vegas I suggest going to The Capital Grill.

          2. No ever mentions Canal Street at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. One of the best kept secrets in town. Everything comes with a salad with iceberg lettuce and field greens (great bleu cheese dressing with more bleu chesse sprinkled on top) and a side dish (bleu cheese scallpoed potatoes to die for.) I always enjoy the one pound blackned rib eye with plum and bbq sauce and fried onions with a side of bleu cheese scalloped pototoes (and only costs $21.95)

            Link: http://orleanscasino.com/restaurants/...

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              Gerardo Lorenzana

              Believe me, THE Steakhouse at Circus Circus is truly an incredible dining experience for a steak lover. Steak is one of my passions and this place piqued my interest when suggested by a Vegas cabbie. The irony of it all (at Circus Circus of all places!) The place astounded me beyond anything I could have expected...The meat was exquisite, simply the best meal I've ever had! And this coming from someone that makes dining and wine a religion. Believe those that recommend this establishment...you owe it to yourself.

              1. The Circus Circus steakhouse is a rare find. Only the locals and non tourist, repeat Vegas visitors go to this place. Anyone who stays at the Hotel only eats at Taco Bell and would never enter the Steak House. Anyone who stays at upscale places like the Bellagio would never be caught dead in Circus Circus. It therefore is left to those in the know that realize it ranks right up there in quality with the Smith & Wollenski's, Palm, etc. but for 1/2 the price.
                How can you beat a high quality Filet with potato and salad for less than $30 bucks.
                Go there with confidence.

                1. Yes; this past August. SWMBO was hoping for something more than coffee shop-fast food so I asked one of the casino workers. He pointed us to this place and I walked in and made a reservation for that night. The service was OUTSTANDING, the food worth every cent. Your stomach and tastebuds will thank you at the end of that experience.

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                    I ate at both Mon Ami Gabi and the Circus Circus Steakhouse in December, 2007 within two days of each other. I had a fine meal at MAG, with wonderful, warm service and excellent food. I found it to be a good value. I went with my wife and 12 year old son to Circus Circus Steakhouse on X-mas day. The room is classic, old-style steakhouse, with red leather furniture, dark, moody lighting, and a great open kitchen grill area. The meat is top quality. I had a fine porterhouse, with excellent texture and flavor. The salad was likewise top flight. The wine list is reasonable and sufficient. The service is very, very professional. My son's filet mignon was likewise perfectly prepared. My wife asked about the salmon, and the waiter shook his head gravely, and admonished her to stick with steak. She did, although not a meat-eater, and she enjoyed her steak very much.

                    Circus Circus is a decent value, compared to New York steakhouses. It is a great experience because it is a dinosaur that still runs with the big boys (Craftsteak, Mina, etc.) I wouldn't miss it on any trip to Vegas.

                    I also ate at China Grill. Not a good meal. I ate at Red 8. Excellent. I ate at Enoteca San Marco, chose wisely, and was very, very happy.


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                      We live in Vegas, and our choice for steaks is The Steakhouse at CircusCircus. Steaks equal to the best in town, but at considerably lower prices, w/salad and potato. The sides are a bit weak, but the meat is excellent. You do have to wade through all the screaming brats/strollers, etc in the casino/lobby areas, but once you arrive it's quiet and elegant.

                  2. Circus Circus Steakhouse is recommended and I prefer it over Mon Ami Gabi but the latter is not bad at all either.

                    All three of your choices above serve dry aged prime and I infer that you liked all of them except for Charlie Palmer. You should probably like Circus Circus which is 21 day aged prime as far as the meat. They mesquite grill it so it has a little exterior char.

                    It is cheaper than those restaurants by a noticeable amount but their quality is just about as good. Their potato and salad is included where everywhere else you will pay $7-11 extra for sides.

                    However, those other sides can be very good and much superior to Circus Circus. Delmonico has very good chips and a nice banana cream pie. Craftsteak is too expensive for your plans but they have a few sides that blow away even Delmonico which I think is at a very high level.

                    If you judge strictly on the steak and how much you pay for it, I think you will find Circus Circus to be a great value and very good quality. If you place a lot of emphasis on the sides then you will be disappointed although the service and surprisingly good atomosphere inside the restaurant (NOT OUTSIDE) will probably make up for that.

                    1. I live in vegas and often go to Circus Circus steakhouse. THe only drawback is that you have to walk through Circus Circus. I think its excellent and a great deal. I brought my mom and her friends from NY there recently and they are all ridiculous foodies and one of the guys still says its hands down one of the best prime ribs he ever had. I am a NY strip gal myself but -- those are his words. I like Mon Ami and didnt find it outrageous either and a much nicer room. But Circus Circus is not ala carte which is nice and its old school vegas which is sort of fun. My favorite steak house in town is Craftsteak but you will hear different opinions on that from everyone and Saturday I had a great meal at Triple George's Grill downtown -- which is also not as spendy as the big boys but very nice.

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                        Nobody mention's Binion's Ranch Steakhouse, downtown on Fremont St., or the Golden Nugget????

                      2. True - the CC Steakhouse does surprise in terms of food, service and prices. I've eaten there a few times and they've always exceeded expectations.

                        Another sleeper of a place that has a pretty decent menu paired with wallet-friendly prices is the Cortez Room at the Gold Coast Casino (same owner as the Orleans mentioned earlier in the thread). The service and food isn't quite as polished as the CC steakhouse.

                        1. Back in the day when I moved here to Vegas (16 yrs ago) I thought Cortez Room was sort of a fun cheap option but I was a recently ex college student and wasnt that picky. I recently went back..prices whent up (which you could expect) and the portions and quality has sort of gone down. Not horrible -- it was decent but not really anything to write home about.

                          1. CC Steakhouse, although listed in the AAA guide as prices from $20-$35 for steaks, are considerably more. Steaks start at about $35 and the ribeye mentioned in this string was $44. It may still be a good deal compared to other higher end steakhouses on the strip, but not quite budget-minded.