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Basque Restaurants in Winnemucca, NV

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Can anyone recommend a Basque restaurant in Winnemucca, NV or along I-80 in NV?

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  1. the martin is my favorite. Family style at the Martin Hotel, down by the tracks. others are more upscale but I think this is the most "authentic" experience. Great fun.

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      Only The Martin Hotel.... Best Basque Food in the area

    2. Personally, I did not see too much in Winnemucca that looked real appealing and we ended up eating at the Red Lion Inn.

      Elko is the Basque center of Nevada and they have four restaurants to choose from.

      405 Silver St
      Elko, NV 89801

      Good food, way too large portions. We ate there on Christmas Eve and found all the food to be very good but would recommend the lamb.

      Star Hotel & Restaurant
      246 Silver St
      Elko, NV 89801

      In April, they told me that the wait was 30 minutes. I was about to leave when the hostess said "Our food is great". She was right. It was the best food I had in Elko, ever.

      Toki Ona
      1550 Idaho St
      Elko, NV 89801

      We ate there in December. The food was alright but not worth an effort to get there.

      Nevada Dinner House
      351 Silver St
      Elko, NV 89801

      It has been a couple of years but we found teh food to be pretty good.

      All things being equal, do the Star as they have the best food. They are closed on Sunday and holidays.

      Do realize that there is a Basque Exhibit at the NE Nevada Museum. There is also a Western Heritage Center that has some Basque information is that is of some interest.

      1. There are a few Basque restaurants in Gardnerville, which is about 1 hour south of I-80 and Reno. The Overland Hotel, J&T Bar and Carson Valley Country Club come to mind. You might also want to ask on the Northern California board as it also covers Reno and Lake Tahoe. Good luck and have an extra Picon punch for me.

        1. I do not know when you are going but the Elko Basque Fest is July 1-3.

          1. We've always enjoyed Ormacheas' Dinner house when in Winnemucca. The lamb shanks with extra garlic is a favorite.

            Ormacheas Dinner House
            (775) 623-3455
            180 Melarkey Street, Winnemucca, NV 89445

            1. Been staying in Winnemucca for many years. When working there in the summers 35 or 40 years ago I boarded at both the Winnemucca Hotel and the Martin Hotel which were both great (we ate breakfast and dinner with the retired sheep herders and they even packed us a lunch). The Winnemuca is now run by Mike's son (also Mike) who is not people friendly. The food is still good but i like to have a Picon first and dont visit anymore because of the new Mike (the bartender) being such an ahole to everyone....dont know how he got that way as his dad was great.

              Ormacheas is a basque restaurant wanna be (not authentic or family style which is what basque restaurants are supposed to be) which is way overpriced and overrated IMO...when they ask you if you want more wine they dont tell you but you will get charged $3.50/glass...also if they ask you if you want topping on your order expect $5.50 extra(also they will not tell you it is extra). $70 for a meal for 2 before tip.

              The Martin Hotel is my pick...good people, good prices; good food and an authentic basque restaurant with great Picon Punches!! Also wine comes with the meal..not just one glass.

              1. I have only eaten at the Martin Hotel once but it was fantastic and am actually retuning on this wed. As an avid Chukar hunter my group of friends and I travel thru Winne about once a month for the season. We normally do get a chance to stop there. Time constraints. However it is not to be missed.

                P.S. Eat at the Griddle of you're gonna be there for breakfast. Outstanding.

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                  2nd that emotion for The Griddle. My Salt Lake to Reno runs were always timed to catch breakfast or lunch there.

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                    Sorry, but I have to amend my recommendation. After a 2nd visit I was very disapointed w/ everything, food, service, that horrible drink "Pincon" . Just a train wreck. Perhaps I was lucky that first time and hit it on a great nite, or perhaps they just had an off nite. Chix Marsala was overcooked, my Prawns were actually of the prebreaded frozen varitey. Certainly not would you'd expect. Side dishes lacked flavor and most importantly heat. Not at all what I was expecting after all that braggin' to my friend... Sad

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                      Y'all give the Star Hotel in Elko a try next time through. I don't think you'll be disappointed - - -Lar

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                        Add my vote for the Martin, although I'd avoid seafood dishes -- not their specialties. I like the Winnemucca too, but agree it's more than a bit gritty, and Mike is indeed an odd duck.

                        Partners in Wine is great for lunch -- also Basque. And the Griddle for breakfast, providing you can manage breakfast after Basque the night before.

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                          I passed through Winnemucca (my first visit) with my son on a vacation trip this week. We went to the Martin in the afternoon and talked to a Basque guy at the bar. He recommended we go to the Winnemucca Hotel for the most authentic Basque dinner experience. That evening we took his advice. Sure enough there was Mike at the bar and he pointed us toward the dinning room. It was odd because there was no one else there. We sat down though and the food started appearing from the kitchen. It was good, and way more than my son and I could eat. There was soup and salad and beans and three different vegetable dishes (one with ground lamb that was almost black -- what was it? -- it tasted good) and a couple a thin steaks. Oh yes, and a bottle of picon punch. No dessert, which we kind of disappointing, but we were stuffed. We paid Mike $40 on the way out and and a pleasant conversation. The food was good but it was kind of weird that we were the only people there on a Thursday night.

                  2. Maybe we were just there on a bad night, but I have to say I was *extremely* let down by the Martin. For $25-30 a person (before drinks), I expect a lot better. The tongue and the garlic mashed potatoes were excellent, the house wine was suprisingly good; everything else was mediocre to downright nasty. I eat a LOT of lamb but the lamb shank here was almost inedibly gamey although nicely cooked. The beans had almost no flavor. The salad was plain lettuce with bottled dressing. Even the chicken-fried steak that someone else in my party ordered was worse than you would expect at Denny's. The service was also extremely uneven. Some parties were given large carafes of wine and refills at no charge; others were given tiny ones and charged if they wanted a refill. (Yes, I was acquainted with multiple parties there on one night and we compared notes later). We won't be giving this place a second chance!

                    Martin Hotel
                    94 W Railroad St, Winnemucca, NV 89445

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                      Sounds like a very off night. They are usually very, very good. The New York Times had a reporter on a cross country trip write about her dinner there (the lamb shanks) and said it was the best meal of the entire trip. The article is on the Martin's web site. Ormachea's is also very good but not really Basque. The Winnemucca is the most authentic and Mike has cut waaay back on the alcohol so he's not so much an issue (Boy, do I miss his dad though...). Partners in Wine is closed now and Gardnerville is a good 3 1/2 hour drive from here. Elko does indeed have some good Basque food - but as with everywhere it seems, it too can be spotty. Not blowing wind, I've eaten at all listed, many different times. Also, the dressing at the Martin is indeed bottled - it is their own and they sell it.

                      Ormacheas for steak, solomo or fish. The Martin for the more traditional Basque dishes. Just a note, the Red Lion is now the Winnemucca Inn and is privately owned. The chef is Antoine (from Spain) and is very good. They do a huge seafood platter on Fridays and a fancy quail dish also.