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May 29, 2005 12:48 PM

Moab, Utah ?

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Hi fellow chowhounds! I will be in Salt Lake City for business in early July...prior to arriving in SLC I will traveling to Moab, Utah for some R & R. I have hear that Moab is very small and not many choices for restaurants...any suggestions? Also how about any recommendations in SLC for a great dining experience. Thanks!

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    Fat City BBQ in Moab is not bad. Good sausages, interesting BBQ beans, and you can get a temp membership at their full bar.

    Slickrock Cafe is good for breakfast, as are many other spots.

    The link below should help.

    As for SLC...DO NOT MISS Thai Garden just north of 4500 South on 900 East. Exquisite home-style Thai food, liquor license, lovely room and charming staff.


    1. There was this recent thread which included some Moab reccomendations.


      1. the brewpub down there is quite good. slickrock cafe is decent. i've heard good things about miguel's baja grill.

        as for slc, the range is much broader. depends on what you're in the mood for and where you'll be...

        groovin' gourmet is quite right--thai garden is fantastic. if you like mexican, i suggest red iguana (some of the best in the country, hands down). for sushi, takashi is unbeatable.

        1. The jailhouse cafe has one of the best breakfasts around. You can even specify your type of coffee bean - including Kona from Hawaii.

          We were not impressed by the brew pub, mainly for extraordinarily poor service and mediocre food. We were on the patio and left $ for the bill and walked out.

          1. I just returned last week from Moab, and had a fabulous steak there at a place called Jeffrey's Steakhouse. They boasted that their steak was "3 notches" above the usual black angus because it was a cross between wagu and black angus beef. I was leery, since my most recent steak was at Peter Lugar's in NYC, which has perhaps the best steak anywhere. I was extremely surprised, however, when the NY strip steak arrived. As promised, it was flavorful and WAY better than just about every other steak I've ever eaten...almost (not quite) as good as Lugar's. If you like steak, give it a try. As an aside, we stayed at a wonderful place with a really good restaurant called Sorrel River Ranch. It's about 20 miles out of town (which in Utah is close!), located on the Colorado river. check out their website.

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              I second the Jeffrey's recommendation. Great find, especially in a place like Moab where the options are severely limited. They have nice cocktails too.

              Sorrel River Ranch is an amazing place to stay but VERY expensive. Just down the road is Red Cliffs Lodge, which is a little more rustic but still beautiful and usually significantly less expensive.