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May 12, 2005 07:38 PM

Chow Notice for Wilcox and Tucson, AZ

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I did a recent trip to AZ to do some sightseeing and had two partcularly good eats!

Wilcox - My bf and I were heading back from Chiracahua Park and stopped at this taco stand that was along the road at the back of the town. Unfortunatly, I'm not sure of the road name, but I think it may be Haskell Ave after looking at a map. The stand looked like one that someone would use to sell funnell cakes at a county fair. Anyway, the food was good, cheap, and about 100 times better than any taco chain.

Tucson - Again, we were driving around and just decided to try a place. We ended up at Las Cazuelitas de Tucson at 2615 S. 6th Ave. Again, the food was excellent and the service was great! On certain days, they make your own guacamole right at your table!

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  1. I just retuned from the area, and had my best meal in a week after leaving the airport in Tucson when we found a taco truck (with a tent, and folding chairs and tables) on the parking lot of the Dollar General Store. All I remember was that is was on Nogales Hwy. They only set up there Thur-Sun, and specialized in seafood. My husband had a shrimp taco, and I had a shrimp tostata, both of which were so amazing, that we ordered seconds.

    This was the food highlight of the trip, and we spent the rest of it, looking out for places along the road...unfortunately, we didn't come upon any more once we left Tucson....

    1. One of the best opportunities in Wilcox, AZ is Stout's Cider Mill, which makes a truly excellent apple pie. I would check this one out soon as the long-time owner is planning to sell the operation very soon.

      Here is a write-up:

      Stout's Cider Mill
      Phone: (520) 384-3696
      Description: A favorite stop for travelers on Interstate 10 at Willcox Arizona, Stout's Cider Mill specializes in fresh, hand-made products. Using no preservatives, our products are just like "down home." Try our fresh apple cider, old-fashioned and sugar-free apple butters, our internationally-famous apple-nut cakes, and world-class apple pies—all made from apples grown in our Arizona apple orchard.
      Apples: 18 varieties on 10,000 trees
      Directions: Stout's Cider Mill is located just off Interstate 10 in Willcox, Arizona. Willcox is approximately 75 miles east of Tucson and about one hour west of the New Mexico border. Take exit 340 (Rex Allen Drive) and head north (a left turn over the overpass if you're east bound, a right turn if you're west bound). Then make an immediate right onto Circle I Road. Follow Circle I Road just a few hundred feet, and you can't miss the Cider Mill.

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        I don't think Stout's exists anymore, or at least it has changed ownership and name. I drove about 40 miles out of my way to try the place out, and couldn't find it. There was a big sign off of I-10 that said exit left on Exit 340, but after driving many miles down Rex Allen Drive, there was no sign of it. I even stopped at a local market and asked some local folks who weren't really sure themselves where it was, or if it was still around. Oh well, it was a nice drive through Dragoon, but I could have gone for some of that apple pie and cider!