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May 9, 2005 11:31 AM

Laughlin tips

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I will be heading to Laughlin for a convention in 2 weeks. I have never been to Laughlin and was wondering if anybody had any food recommendations. I will be staying at Harrah's but will have a rental car so driving to get food is not out of the question. Thanks!

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  1. The fine dining options in Laughlin are non-existent. Your best bets will be the so-called "gourmet rooms" in Harrah's, Flamingo and Riverside hotels. Typical steak, chops, etc. of mediocre quality. Breakfast buffets of average quality but with many selections. Harrah's is the farthest hotel down the river, so driving to any other hotel is mandatory. Actually, it is a fun town, though with losts of river activities. Enjoy!

    1. There are a couple of hole-in-the-wall taquerias in Bullhead City that are pretty decent and authentic. They are about three miles from the Laughlin Strip.

      1. You won't mistake Laughlin for Las Vegas when it comes to dining options.

        However, I've had very good experiences at the Lodge at River Palms, the Range at Harrahs and the Gourmet Room at Riverside. In fact, the Gourment Room has an awesome Happy Hour with 1/2 off on most drinks from 5 to 6:30 and you can get, say, a full-sized Stoli or Absolute martini for $3.50 or so.

        Certainly not gourmet, but the Cucina Kitchen? at River Palms was a pleasant surprise. They advertise a $6.99 all-you-can-eat pasta dinner which had zero appeal to me. But because there are so few choices, finally gave it a try in March. Offer includes a trip to a small salad bar, which includes two soups. And the pasta is made to order, with your choice of pasta and choice of sauce. I have to say that it was a very pleasant surprise. (Won't make you forget about Valentino's mind you.) lol

        1. You don't say what kind of food you are looking for, or if price is an issue. As said by previous posters, if you are looking for a "name chef" in Laughlin you are going to be sorely disappointed. However if you are not set on only gourmet there are a few different things you might try. There is an In N Out burger that many find appealing. The Colorado Belle has a micro brewery that just hired a new brewmaster that has really brought there brews up and they offer good pub food. I am fond of their hot wings and pizza. At the Riverside Casino West is Casa Serrano which I believe to be better food than Baja Blue at Harrah's. The service can be spotty though.
          You might pick up a copy of The Entertainer that can be found by most hotel gift shops. It is a free weekly magazine that lists every restaurant in the hotels and also shows and attractions.
          Also you will find that the people working in Laughlin in general are a friendly bunch so you might try asking the help for their ideas.

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            This is depressing. We will be staying at the Ramada in Laughlin for five days next week. I love Mexican. Has anyone tried Ramada's Tularosa Cantina. How about other Mexican resturants in the area.

          2. The STEAKHOUSE at the Ramada express is terrific. They make a mean martini! Tableside salad preparation. Warm bread and lavash w/ an herb butter. Wonderful steaks which come with the sides...not a l carte....and a pretty decent wine list. Not what you would expect to find in Laughlin.
            We enjoy the Range @ Harrah's as well. but find the Steakhouse to be a step above... on par w/ a Ruth Chris or a Mortons.


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              Thanks, it will be on my must-dine list. If it's as good as Morton's in Boston, it will probably be as good as some of the steak houses in Chicago. Larry