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Jun 17, 2004 07:18 PM

Vegas: Buffet; off the strip; top spot

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I'm looking for the best buffet for the buck, the best places off the strip, and the best places to splurge all at once.

I know of all the top restaurants on teh Strip, the celeb chef places, but are any truly overrated?

I'm not always a fan of buffets, but i'd love to find one for the best price, whether it's amazing food and a little expensive, or even better, great food and cheap.

and finally, I have a car, and have only been to the Vegas strip. I'd love to explore some of the top local spots for whatever reason. We eat just about anything and we love local flavor.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Green Valley ranch would be ny choice.

    1. Here are my recommendations for what they are worth:


      Bellagio, if you want the most interesting and varied buffet.

      Alladin also is tops, a little less "gourmet" but very solid.

      Paris is at best, hit or miss. I have had some great food there, and some pretty poor food. I don't like to eat there as it is a logistical nightmare as evrything is crammed into a small area.

      Off the Strip, Orleans serves a pretty good buffet at about half the price. Nothing real fancy, but well prepared.

      Also, on Decatur north of Tropicana is Mokino, as Asian seafood buffet. The food is pretty solid and the presentation is very well done. The price is pretty similar to a Strip buffet.

      I don't do celebrity chef places and the prices for "on the Strip" restaurants are generally more than I want to pay. I think that there are so many great "hole in the wall" places in the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson taht to overpay on the Strip would be a mistake.

      Some of the places that I have enjoyed in recent trips include:

      Big Mama's Ribs and Soul Food - some great cajun cooking

      Inka Si Senor - good Peruvian dishes, some great sauces.

      Pho Vietnam - a very good noodle shop in Chinatown of Spring Mountain Road.

      Personally, the best source of new ideas for me has always been the Las vegas Review-Journal's Best of Las Vegas Poll. Forget the reader's choice. Instead, the editor's choice usually comes up with some phenomenal ideas that you will not find in any of the magazines.

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        Thanks very much for the tips and so quickly...the "hole in the wall" but excellent places are what I am trying to unearth!

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          I will check out Green Valley Ranch....I have somewhat of a family that feels more comfortable with steak/seafood menu....they don't stray too far from the center line!

        2. The original comment has been removed