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Jun 7, 2004 06:19 PM

Nostalgia questions re: Prescott and vicinity

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Just wondering if any of these places are still around:

The German/Bavarian Place heading out towards White Spar Rd. Loved their hand-carved sandwiches. Was it the Hofbrau House?

Maude's on the square -great sandwiches, soup and desserts

The Mingus Mountain Inn on the way to Jerome

Maria's for Mex

Dinner Bell cafe with those awesome (Transplanted from Hour Place) Cinnamon Rolls.

Just wondrin'...

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  1. German place - not to my knowledge. I forget exactly which building it was in, but it is either the PineCone Inn (never been) or Papa's Italian Restaurant now (darn good food).

    Maudes - nope

    Mingus Mountain Inn - unsure

    Maria's - unsure

    Dinner Bell - still there, though Bill (the previous owner) sold it last year, and opened up 'Bill's Pizza' right off the square (where augostino's used to be).

    1. I believe it was the Hofbrau Haus.It's last location was right across the road from Safeway.They baked a turkey everyday for real turkey sandwiches.I think I can remember it being in a previous location but I can't put my finger on where it was.Too many brain cells ago.
      Nolaz was always a favorite of mine,never was dissappointed there.
      How about the Roman Deli?

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        To my knowledge the roman deli is still open (on miller valley rd). Good food, though kind of a cramped dining room.