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May 29, 2004 01:50 PM

Las Vegas Chinese/Cantonese

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what is currently regarded as the best cantonese restaurant in vegas?? on or off the strip.

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  1. My vote for best upscale Hong Kong / Cantonese restaurant would go to Empress Court at Caesars...

    Chang of Las Vegas is also good...

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    1. re: HDK

      I'd go to where the local Chinese-Americans go for great Cantonese food - Chinatown Plaza on Spring Mountain Road. There are a number of good restaurants there. Better to avoid over-priced Americanized Chinese restaurants on the Strip.

      1. re: bexdc

        Yes, the local Chinese-Americans do tend to hang out at the Plaza...Sam Woo for example (oh, did I say "Chain"?)

        Check out the clientle at Empress Court however and you will find a preponderance of wealthy Chinese nationals scarfing down...these are people who have the resources to go and eat anywhere in town...

        Also check out Chang of Las Vegas on Saturday or Sunday...eight to one brother to round eye...

        1. re: HDK

          Meeow! You don't have to be snarky. Another good suggestion is Full Ho Chinese Cuisine, on N. Jones.

          1. re: bexdc

            I'd be suspicious of anything in Vegas called "Full Ho".

            1. re: Ms Karen

              Get your mind out of the gutter! Obviously you've never been to a real Chinese restaurant ....

            2. re: bexdc

              What is this? HDK and the Snarkettes?

          2. re: bexdc

            Have to agree there. For great chinese i like Sam Woo's which is on that area.

            1. re: jrinct

              I'm Sorry but i went to sam Woo's for Lunch the Last 3 times to Vegas 1st time Packed full of people, Excellent Food, the last 2 times sparse crowds and food was terrible, BLAND! I was there last 2 weeks ago

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I second Cathay House! Wonderful for Dim Sum. Food is always Hot and selection plentiful. Service is attentive. Go for the braised chicken feet! They fall off the bone and flavor is fabulous!