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Apr 10, 2003 04:58 PM

Sedona Restaurants - need help

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Want to go to Garlands Lodge and L'Auberge on my next visit to Sedona in July. But not sure which meal to eat at L'Auberge, breakfast, lunch, Sunday brunch or dinner? I've heard that Garlands Lodge is good but I believe only dinner is available for non-guests, has anyone eaten there? If you could have just one meal at L'Auberge what would it be and why? And any other 'not to be missed' places would be greatly appreciated too. We'll have a car so driving is no problem. Thanks!!

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  1. Garland's Lodge does take a few outside breakfast guests, but very few, so it is advisable to reserve well in advance (928/282-3343). Likewise for dinner. Dinner there far more afordable than at L'Auberge (from $29.00 to $35.00 depending on the main course for a four course meal) One seating at 7 p.m. and a set menu each evening.

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    1. "Any other not to be missed places...."

      House of Joy in Jerome.

      1. Be sure to have one lunch at the Yavapi Patio at the Enchantment Resort. It's much cheaper than having dinner there and the views are fantastic!

        1. If you're going to Sedona you've got to try "The Trickster Cafe". It's owned by Robert Shields...don't know your age but he was and still is a very talented mime performer and also designs jewelry. His restaurant is French/Vietnamese....has vegetarian dishes, fish, and meat. Desserts are to die for. Wonderful atmosphere, service, and presentation of food. Hope you get to try it. Real eclectic experience.

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            Trickster Cafe is not in existence any longer.

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              The Trickster is gone for good sucked. Unfortunately it was replaced by Savannahs which is just as bad, if not worse. It is one of those joints where they charge you $34 for a mediocre Rib Eye and then stick potato chips vertically in the mashed potatos so you imagine the dish is fancy. Uninspired at best.

              I have eaten at L'Auberge and Enchantment and both are good enough but not really worth the $$$.

              Lets put it this way....when it comes to eating, Sedona is NOT Santa Fe.

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                OK, thanks. I was trying to remember the name of the restaurant owned by Robert Shields.

            2. Garland's is the best breakfast in town and their dinner is fabulous. But call as early as you can for reservations. L'Auberge is just okay anymore but great atmosphere and okay for breakfast or lunch. A must is "Elote" on Highway 179 in the King's Ransom Motel. Excellent Mexican food and one of the best restaurants in town.