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Feb 18, 2003 11:35 AM

Best LOBSTER in Las Vegas..

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Looking for a place where they serve fresh Maine lobsters (2 to 3 pounders). I've seen that Rosewood Grille sign with the guy holding the montsa lobsta in the airport many times. Is it any good? All suggestions appreciated...

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  1. I had an unbelievably bad service experience at Rosewood Grille a few years ago - haven't been back. I'm sure that the Palm (Forum Shoppes) will do the trick.

    1. The lobster potpie at Aqua in Bellagio is to die for.
      Have fun.

      1. I've never been to the Rosewood Grille, based on hearsay. I have never read or heard about a single good experience at R.G. -- about the best you hear is that it is mediocre and horribly overpriced.

        1. Have heard VERY mixed reviews ( mostly bad though) on Rosewood.Would not go there. The other places mentioned have had fairly good reviews.

          Have heard good reviews ( although havent been ) are Mccormick and Schmick and the Tillerman.

          1. Rosewood Grill: Probably the worst service of anyplace I've been to in over 25 years of visiting Vegas

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              Ah, the Rosewood -- in the running for my worst restaurant experience ever.