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Best LOBSTER in Las Vegas..

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Looking for a place where they serve fresh Maine lobsters (2 to 3 pounders). I've seen that Rosewood Grille sign with the guy holding the montsa lobsta in the airport many times. Is it any good? All suggestions appreciated...

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  1. I had an unbelievably bad service experience at Rosewood Grille a few years ago - haven't been back. I'm sure that the Palm (Forum Shoppes) will do the trick.

    1. The lobster potpie at Aqua in Bellagio is to die for.
      Have fun.

      1. I've never been to the Rosewood Grille, based on hearsay. I have never read or heard about a single good experience at R.G. -- about the best you hear is that it is mediocre and horribly overpriced.

        1. Have heard VERY mixed reviews ( mostly bad though) on Rosewood.Would not go there. The other places mentioned have had fairly good reviews.

          Have heard good reviews ( although havent been ) are Mccormick and Schmick and the Tillerman.

          1. Rosewood Grill: Probably the worst service of anyplace I've been to in over 25 years of visiting Vegas

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              Ah, the Rosewood -- in the running for my worst restaurant experience ever.

            2. I have been going to Vegas for the last 10 years and I ALWAYS take one of my nights to eat at the Rosewood Grill. Their steaks are always cooked to perfection and their king crab legs are my favorite. I would wiltell anyone who goes to Vegas, you gotta try this restaurant

              1. the palm or arnie morton's always have great lobster. also, maybe one of the chinatown restaurants where you will probably get it much cheaper.

                1. Lobsyrt Pot Pie at Nob Hill or for plain solid lobster the Palm at Caesers FOrum. -

                  1. Red Rock Canyon. No, I'm not kidding! Go to 99Ranch Market in Chinatown and buy lobsters for $12.99/lb. Get a box of salt, a pound of butter and a lemon. Get a bowl for the butter, a knife for the lemon.
                    Stop at Home Depot and a get a turkey fryer, a bottle of propane, mallet and pruning shears. Buy a roll of paper towels. Get a tarp if you want a table cloth.
                    Stop at Lee's Discount Liquors. Buy wine or beer and plastic cups. Get a throw away cooler and ice.
                    Go to the park. Fill the pot with water. Bring to boil. Add salt until it tastes like the ocean. Toss in the lobsters and wait 12 minutes. Melt the butter in bowl on top of lid.
                    Yes... it's that's easy. It's not rocket science, it's lobster cooking.
                    You won't find it any better in any restaurant, just much more expensive.


                    p.s. You can't beat the view.

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                    1. i just cant understand why any 1 would go to las vegas and expect to find good lobster.i was born and raised on the east coast . lobster only can be enjoyed propperly here good luck finding it in vegas

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                        Las Vegas can get lobster no later than restaurants in New York. True, you can't go to the ocean and buy one at a dock, but next day -- no problem.

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                          Not only that, don't most seafood places have the "live" lobster tank? Just think the lobsters took a flight to visit Vegas..But won't be going home!

                          BTW, The Rosewood Grille is nothing special. An over-priced Strip place, with the gimmick of a HUGE lobster, to get people into the doors. Not worth it, IMHO.

                      2. The Chicken Fried Lobster at Binion Ranch Steak House is to die for!

                        1. I had a 4 lb. Nova Scotia lobster at Rosewood Grille when I really, really wanted a lobster. It was delicious. Boiling a lobster is no more difficult than boiling an egg, and bringing it from the pot to your table is not complex, either. No rocket surgeons necessary. Decent lobster fix, hundred bucks. One black chip. I've spent much more on stone crabs and Tarkanian's wine at Pierro's.

                          1. It's that much at the Palm and it has been consistently great. In fact since its hitting summer the Palm usually has a great summer deal (I think they ran it in July last year). A 4lb lobster with two sides, two salads and two drinks i belive for 100 bucks. The wet blue cheese salad dressing is to die for and so rich that half of a four lbs lobster is plenty for me along with the sides

                            1. I had AMAZING spiny lobster at Bartolota in Wynn....but I think it was like $50/lb or something really crazy like that. Not sure how much you are willing to pay.

                              I also concur with all the recomendations re: lobster at The Palm.

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                                No doubt it was good - and also crazy over-priced if it was at the Wynn, but without claws -it ain't a real lobster IMO ;-)

                              2. There was that Lobster at Rosewood Grille that performed CPR on that obese shriner til paramedics arrived. He might be the best lobster in las vegas.

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                                  And deserving of a last day in newburg or fra diavlo sauce.

                                2. I thought Rosewood was an over-hyped tourist trap, until I went in the middle of the afternoon several years ago. It was 110 degrees outside, and I walked into a nice, dark, cool restaurant, where I was served an ice-cold dry martini and a terrific four-pound boiled lobster. I was surprised and delighted. Give it a shot. Also, you might try Alan Albert's; I had a similarly good experience there. Of course, the Palm, in my estimation, is always great for lobster. The lobster is split and broiled, imparting a slightly bitter, charcoaly taste which is much to my liking. Have it with some hashbrowns and a tomato, anchovy, and caper salad (off-menu).

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                                    Mister F.: your off-menu salad sounds good. I'm thinking of adding some crumbled blue cheese to the sliced tomatoes with anchovies and capers - and a little olive oil and balsamic? Too many flavors? What if any dressing do you use? Thanks.
                                    P.S. With a name like that, you must have spent a little time at the green felt. I used to be "Mister L", but those days have passed!